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NitroGenix 365 – Should you buy it?

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Written by Lance
Considering NitroGenix 365 for your next purchase? Read our review before you buy! NitroGenix 365 is a muscle-building supplement designed to enhance your muscles by promoting a three-pronged approach to muscle mass development: strength, recovery, and endurance. NitroGenix 365…


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Buy Now Considering NitroGenix 365 for your next purchase? Read our review before you buy!

NitroGenix 365 is a muscle-building supplement designed to enhance your muscles by promoting a three-pronged approach to muscle mass development: strength, recovery, and endurance. NitroGenix 365 claims that its formula contains one of the best muscle-building stacks the supplement industry has ever seen.

NitroGenix 365 increases the user’s endurance and pump while aiding in post-workout recovery. This technology, dubbed Test-X-Drive by Nitrogenix 365, is a clinically-proven method in increasing muscle mass and performance. Due to its universal effects, NitroGenix 365 is safe to take with other supplements, as its ingredients are not known to agitate or counteract other active ingredients.

What you need to know

NitroGenix 365 contains Arginine Alpha-KetoGlutarate or A-AKG, which produces Nitric Oxide, an effective vasodilator that makes nutrient delivery to your muscles faster and more efficient. A-AKG is an important factor in increasing the pump and endurance of your muscles, as well as enhancing the creation of myofibrils during recovery. A-AKG is combined with ingredients like A-KIC (arginine ketoiscaporate), GKG (glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate), and OKG (ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate) which are ingredients proven to enhance protein synthesis and muscle mass development.

Who uses NitroGenix 365?

NitroGenix 365 can be used by anyone who wants to gain muscle mass fast and easy. NitroGenix 365 can be used in conjunction with other muscle-building supplements like protein powders, pre-workout supplements, and post-workout recovery supplements to speed up muscle mass development.


We gauged the effectiveness of NitroGenix 365 based on three categories:

  1. Content Quality
  2. Delivery Method (pill)
  3. User feedback

We sent samples of NitroGenix 365 to our lab for analysis. We found out that NitroGenix 365 has a complex blend of ingredients that are not just limited to A-AKG, GKG, A-KIC, and OKG. NitroGenix 365 has added ingredients that optimize the absorption of its main ingredients in order to enhance the benefits of the product. These ingredients are not known to cause any other effect in the body, other than to speed up the absorption of amino acids and nutrients that are extremely important for muscle mass development. We also found out that A-AKG, GKG, A-KIC, and OKG are all in safe, yet very potent levels that would effectively grant the user with visible benefits.

Unlike many muscle-building supplements that are prepared in powder form, NitroGenix 365 is prepared in pill form for the convenience of the user. Using NitroGenix 365 would render no aftertaste, and no bloating sensation after taking the product. NitroGenix 365 also has a very impressive absorption rate that puts none of its active ingredients to waste.

We gathered feedback from users of NitroGenix 365 and compiled their thoughts about the product. An impressive 98% of the feedback we gathered says that they are generally satisfied with the product. Everyone who gave NitroGenix 365 a positive feedback say that they have bought, or planning to buy their second bottle of the product.


NitroGenix 365 contains the following ingredients:

A-AKG  Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate – Improves the metabolic rate of Nitric Oxide, which allows your muscles to absorb nitric oxide compounds faster, which promotes protein synthesis. This allows your muscles to build more muscle protein tissues (myofibrils) which gives users visibly larger muscles over time.

A-KIC Arginine Ketoiscaporate – A vasodilator ingredient that helps to increase the user’s pump during workouts. Increasing the user’s pump builds more muscle tension, which assists in muscle mass development.

GKG – Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate – An ingredient that promotes maximum muscle tissue growth by preventing the decrease of glutamine concentration in the muscles. GKG is one of the key components of protein synthesis, and is also an important factor in increasing muscle mass, density, and strength.

OKG – Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate – An ingredient that aids in the increase of muscle tissue by promoting the concentration of insulin and growth hormones. OKG is a key contributor to a user’s endurance and energy, leading to longer, more intense workouts.


NitroGenix 365 is simply one of the best muscle-building supplements we have ever reviewed. We rarely see a product that hits the trifecta – a great formula, a great formula delivery system, and the effect that satisfies customers. NitroGenix 365 has revolutionized the way muscle-building supplements are viewed by the industry. For a product this effective, it won’t be long to see copycats coming up with their own formula.

NitroGenix 365 rating: A+

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