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USP Labs EpiBurn PRO Review – Should you use it? 

USP Labs EpiBurn PRO Review – Should you use it?
Written by Lewis
USP LABS EpiBurn PRO Fat Burner Review When it comes to the right fat burning supplement, it’s all about the ingredients. What kind of effect would it have on your body that speeds up the fat burning process? The best fat burners have it all figured out – the right…


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USP LABS EpiBurn PRO Fat Burner Review

When it comes to the right fat burning supplement, it’s all about the ingredients. What kind of effect would it have on your body that speeds up the fat burning process? The best fat burners have it all figured out – the right blend of ingredients that focus on a systematic process that helps your body burn fat.

For some supplements, however, it appears that the formulation itself doesn’t have a clear course into what it’s supposed to do in your body. Our experience with supplements pretty much gives us the advantage on what to expect in a supplement based on the ingredients. Some formulas like USP Labs EpiBurn PRO make us shake our heads a little bit since we’re not that all convinced that the mixture would work. Still, we reserve a little bit of that skepticism directed towards ourselves since we understand that the science of supplements are constantly evolving, and for all we know, USP Labs EpiBurn PRO might have the best fat burning supplement formula. That’s what we need to determine with our close look at EpiBurn PRO.

What you need to know

EpiBurn PRO is a mix of ingredients linked to fat burning, diet pills, and cleansers. While it sounds good that it contains a little bit of everything, our experience with the shotgun approach in supplements tells us that products trying to do it all rarely gets the job done. Common sense dictates that if it takes 1-2 pills to have a desired effect, cramming little portions of everything on a single pill reduces the potency and the effectiveness of the ingredients. Still, we’ll leave it to the analysis and user reviews to help us understand how EpiBurn PRO really works, and if it can really live up to its claims.

Who uses EpiBurn PRO?

EpiBurn PRO is typically used by bodybuilders who are going through the cutting phase –  a part of their training that involves low-intensity training and cardio combined with a caloric deficit diet. Users who are cutting fat look to burn fat the fastest way possible since the process is extremely restrictive in terms of diet and exercise.


We sent samples of EpiBurn PRO to our lab for analysis. We learned that the main function of EpiBurn PRO is as a metabolic stimulant, given its thermogenic ingredients in Yohimbe and Caffeine. USP Labs also claim that its Nelumbo Nucifera Extract ingredient is a replacement for ephedrine to boost thermogenesis. It also contains trace amounts of Coleus Forskohlii Extract, which helps build muscles and burn fat, and Olive oil to help with the detoxification process.

The puzzling ingredient in the formula is Withania Somnifera Extract,  also known as ashwagandha, which is used in traditional ayurvedic medicine. According to USP Labs, it’s supposed to balance hormones which help in reducing fat, but studies show that ashwagandha helps in estrogen dominance, which doesn’t help in fat burning, and may adversely affect the growth of muscle tissue.

USP Labs has released popular weight loss products before like  Oxy Elite Pro, and many loyal customers were welcome to the thought of replacing Oxy Elite Pro with EpiBurn PRO. However, there aren’t many similarities between the two, and from what we can discern; only the health warnings are similar.

Users are advised to consult their physicians before taking EpiBurn PRO. Like many other fat burners we’ve encountered, it’s a similar pattern to market their product based on the thought that the product is so potent that it’s dangerous.


Based on our analysis, there’s not much to be concerned about in EpiBurn PRO. Even their caffeine content is below-average at 100mg per dose, which is not even equal to a cup of brewed coffee. We’re not entirely ruling out the effectiveness of EpiBurn Pro. If anything, the reputation of the manufacturer gives the brand a little bit of credibility.

What we recommend

Our experience with supplements tells us that it’s better to stick with a product that focuses on a system. LipoGenix Elite is one of the best fat burning pills with its focused metabolic-boosting effect that focuses on thermogenics. If you’re looking for an effective fat burner, you’d know what to expect with LipoGenix Elite.

Rating: C

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