19 Of The Best And Worst Foods You Can Eat

by Supplement Rant Staff
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Foods are necessary for life, but some can cause more harm than good. When you are busy and life is kicking your butt, you may be more prone to grabbing a quick bite, usually full of these foods that are bad for your health. Some of them may have labels with fresh fruits on them but looks can be deceiving.

This ranking system will help you choose which foods are great, all right, or just horrible.


[1] – As much as you want

[2] – Every day, in moderation

[3] – Once a week

[4] – Infrequently

[5] – None. Avoid at all costs

Here are the best and worst foods for your health, split into the main meals of the day.


Juice [4]

Though the cartons may look extremely healthy, filled with fruits of all kinds dripping the juice you’re now about to drink, juice actually fills your body with sugar, both in natural and artificial varieties. Because there is so much sugar your body stores it as fat and doesn’t burn it as energy. The exact opposite of whole fruit. Drink juice on rare equations. Eat whole fruits, often.

Bagels [3]

breakfast bagel with jam and butter, juice and coffeeCleverly thought of by the creators of bagels, each side makes up one portion. As long as you remember this, than bagels are an all right addition to your morning. Eat both halves if your morning routine includes a workout, as this carb-rich food will restore your drained energy. Eat in moderation, because bagels often have a high glycemic index and can cause inflammation in your stomach and rosacea.

Margarine [4]

Filled with trans fats, margarine is a known culprit for high cholesterol. Buy butter or look for trans-fat-free margarine.

Bananas [1]

If you’re known to drink little water, bananas are an excellent way to restore water to your drought-stricken cells. They can also be great if you’re hungover, as beer tends to dry you out. By restoring the potassium in your system, bananas can fight your hangover like a professional boxer.

Citrus [1]

Full of Vitamin-C, a diet that includes oranges and grapefruit can help your knees and elbows as you age. Studies have shown that citrusy fruits can decrease the risk of certain degenerative joint disorders.

Eggs [2]

Packed with protein, eggs are excellent if you’re building muscle. Research has found 6 grams of amino acids eaten before or after workouts will support muscle growth. So, just pop two large eggs into your mouth , after cooking, of course, and enjoy those larger muscles.

Wheat Germ [2]

After intense exercise, wheat germ is a great way to repair your damaged muscles. Packed with vitamin E, wheat germ helps your body recover faster so you can get back to the gym.

Bacon [3]

Much better for you than regular bacon is Canadian bacon. With half the fat and twice the protein, by ditching America you can turn bacon from a 3 to a 2. Awesome.

Coffee [2]

Without the sugar, creamer, and other stuff, coffee lowers your chance of developing diabetes. If you’re a well-trained athlete coffee will also increase your power and endurance.

Cereals [1]

The best cereals for your health are high in fiber. Many studies have proven that bran makes guys happier, more energized, and alert. Great cereals include oatmeal and Bran Flakes. These cereals feed your muscles so they can grow larger as you hit the gym hard.

Kid’s Cereals [3]

45% sugar. That’s the amount of sugar many of these vibrant cereals are packing. Always check the nutrition label before buying. 8 g of sugar or fewer per serving is great for your children.


Burgers, Quick [5]

Running to your nearest fast-food spot is easy, quick, and affordable. But, none of that matters because these fresh, or frozen, patties are loaded with fat. 64% of the calories in these quick burgers is fat. Hop on YouTube and find a video to grill your own.

Cottage Cheese [2]

tomato stuffed with cottage cheese and parsleyEat cottage cheese in moderation, if you have high blood pressure. Not only does cottage cheese pack calcium and protein, it’s also loaded with 918 mg of salt per cup. Considering you need about 2300 mg in one day, 35% from one snack won’t do you any favors.

Tomatoes [1]

Reduce your risk of cancer with these juicy, red, lycopene-rich vegetables. Boasting both 40 percent of your daily Vitamin C needs and 35 calories in each tomato, these are the pinnacle of vegetables. If you hate tomatoes, eat them with your pizza, sneak them into your drinks. Whatever way you can, add them to your diet.

Pizza [3]

Like most things, eating pizza in moderation is great. Italian doctors discovered that a personal pizza (6-inches) once a week can lower your risk of heart issues by 22%.

Chili [2]

Full of fiber, proteins, and carbs that kick in over a period of time, chili will keep you full for a long time. With almost 10 grams of artery-cleansing fiber, chili is amazing for your health.

Subs [2]

Load your sub with vegetables, low-calorie toppings, little mayo, and lean meats, and enjoy an awesome sandwich that’ll keep your body satisfied and healthy.


Steak [2]

If you want to improve your reasoning, memory, and perception, steak is your guy. Filled with iron and zinc, this lean cut will pump up your brain and muscles.

Corn [3]

Corn is fat. With 40 g of carbs in every cup, it’s a full vegetable. Some lighter vegetables are broccoli and grapes.

These are just some of the best and worst foods you can eat. 1 and 2 are great, while 3, 4, and 5, should be carefully considered.

Eat well. Live better.

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