3 Huge Signs You are in the Friend Zone

by supplementrant
3 Huge Signs You are in the Friend Zone

We’ve all been there at least once. You really like her, she seems to like you, you ask her out and she gives you the “I just see you as a friend”. BAM. Totally not what you were expecting based on her behavior. Girls can be a little slimy this way. They live for attention and if you are flirting with them they will keep it going just so they can feel admired. Since you can’t trust her behavior to tell whether she likes you, here are all the subtle signs that she sees you only as a friend.

1. She treats you like a puppy

If a girl has ever said “aww” to you. Chances are she doesn’t necessarily want to “tap that”. She sees you as a cute little boy. It’s kind of the equivalent of getting a little pat on the head and sending you off to school. If you notice her using “aww” on you, tell her “I don’t need your sympathy” in a flirty way. This puts you back in control of the interaction, which is exactly where you want to be. Do not succumb to the “aww”. It’s the sound of her putting you in the friend zone.

2. She challenges you


Break Up with Girlfriend

If you say “I like playing ping pong”. Does she respond with “oh cool, me too!”, or does she say “Really? Why?”. She obviously feels confident enough to challenge you, therefore does not have a crush on you. When someone likes you, they are visibly a little nervous and will usually just agree with what you say because they want to seem like they have things in common with you. To turn this around, you need to call her out on her behavior. Say “Don’t make that face at me. Ping pong is awesome”. If you say this in a playful, teasing way, she will take it very well. She may look down in shyness or smirk a bit because you caught her giving you sass.

3. She’s open with you

Happy couple

Happy couple

When girls get together to talk, we put EVERYTHING out on the table. If she’s treating you like one of her girlfriends, this is not a good sign. This is especially clear when she talks to you about other guys she’s interested in, although that could also be to spawn some jealousy in you. A good way to tell is “how” she’s communicating these things to you. Is she being really expressive as if she’s dishing to her girlfriend and adding a lot of drama? Or does she seem like she’s holding back a bit and being a bit shy about it? The second option is always better. If she’s treating you like her girlfriend just tell her “Sorry, this is just really boring for me”. Say it with a smile and a laugh and she won’t take it too personally, she may even think it’s funny and feel silly for putting you through her drama.


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