3 Man-Hacks That Would Get You Laid

by supplementrant
3 Man-Hacks That Would Get You Laid

Women are such complicated creatures that there’s never any real rulebook about what to say or what to do that would guarantee that you would get laid. For us men, all it really takes is a horny look and we’re good to go. We’re simple, direct, and uncomplicated. Call it the irony of all ironies, but the world would be a lot simpler if the complicated women would make the first move on the simple, uncomplicated men. Sadly, it doesn’t happen that way.

For us men, finding the formula for getting laid means that you need to have the trifecta – the money, personality, and the looks. Not many of us have the luxury of being able to have all these qualities, which makes getting laid even harder. Fortunately there are some techniques that would increase your chances of getting laid. Here are 3 man-hacks that would get you laid:

1. Get a dog

Dogs are fascinating creatures. They express loyalty and unconditional love, and to cap that off, dogs are undeniably irresistible. Women cannot resist the charms of a dog. Get a dog, and train your dog well – enough for your dog to follow your orders. Dogs would work in situations when approaching women is difficult for you. Dogs are fantastic conversation pieces. You open up opportunities for yourself when you walk your dog and meet other women who walk their pets as well. While dogs do not necessarily get you into bed with another woman, it opens up opportunities for you to get laid.

2. Reword your apologies

This should be pretty much self-explanatory. Apologizing shows that you are humble and that you value respect, albeit too much that it deters your chances of getting laid. Never apologize. Rather, reword. Instead of saying ‘I’m sorry’, say ‘I hope you don’t hate me now’, or turn it into humor. There are other ways you can spin the situation, but showing your weakness would not get you into bed anytime soon.

3. Up the ante

One of the most common reasons why men fail to get to the next level is simply because they do not want to take bigger risks. Constantly up the ante in your conversation to see how far you could go. Slow and steady leads to relationships – fast and straight to the point leads you to the bedroom. If you find your conversation slowly dying out, attempt to take it further – by asking to get out of there or simply becoming bolder with your flirting skills. You’ll never know if she’s into you until you do something that would invite her into the action. If she doesn’t want to take things further, let the conversation die right there. Ask for her digits and move along. If she wasn’t feeling you that night, nothing that you would do would change that, and letting the conversation drag on would just reduce your chances of closing the deal on another night. Letting it die out right there, would keep your options open in the future.

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