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4 Signs you’re at risk for a heart attack 

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4 Signs you’re at risk for a heart attack
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Early signs to change your lifestyle

Heart disease is a serious matter for everyone. Almost everyone is at risk for a heart attack. By default, all of us are at least 5% at risk for cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks, stroke, Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIA), or embolisms. This is due to the current diet trends that we have nowadays. With the wide distribution of unhealthy food, even the young adults are now at risk for developing a serious heart disease in the next 30 years.

How do you manage heart diseases?

Your risk for acquiring heart disease is due to several factors. Usually these factors show up years before it develops a full-blown heart disease. To know if you’re at risk, here are 4 signs you’re at risk for a heart attack:


Diabetes increases the risk for a heart attack by about 5x, depending on the type of diabetes that you have, or the way you manage your diabetes. Experts say that adults being treated for diabetes are just as likely to suffer from a heart attack or stroke, or die from cardiovascular diseases. This is due to the medicine management associated with diabetes. Adults who use glucose-reducing drugs increase their risk for a heart attack. Treating diabetes is a double-edged sword. Experts say that the detection of the early stages of diabetes is important to implement crucial lifestyle changes before it goes into full-blown diabetes, which is only manageable through a combination of drugs and diet. If you haven’t had your blood sugar tested in the last 12 months, set an appointment to see if you have diabetes.


People who smoke are more at risk for a heart attack. Smoking increases your risk by as much as 20%. When you smoke, your heart works even more to get oxygen delivered to the other parts of your body. Over time, the overworked muscles of the heart develop irreversible damages that affect its output. Smoking contains chemicals that contribute to atherosclerosis, or the buildup of plaque along the arterial walls, which greatly reduces the volume of blood that flows through the arteries. Stop smoking today. If you’re having problems kicking the habit, try to identify why it’s difficult for you to quit. Some people smoke because of stress. You can alleviate stress by taking stress-relieving supplements like Relax with holy basil.

High cholesterol

High cholesterol levels increase your risk of having a heart attack because of the increased LDL levels in your blood. LDLs make it difficult for your cardiovascular system to efficiently pass nutrients to the other parts of your body. If your body doesn’t get the nutrients that it needs, your heart works a lot harder. Also, LDLs build up along the arterial walls, which stiffen your arteries. As plaque develops due to atherosclerosis, it would only be a while before a clot big enough clogs your arteries, resulting in a heart attack or stroke. If you’re overweight, or if you’re not eating healthy, now would be a great time to schedule an appointment with your doctor to check if you have high cholesterol. If you’re diagnosed with high cholesterol levels, talk to your doctor about taking supplements to reduce your cholesterol like Cholesterol Reducer 1000.

High Blood Pressure

About 33% of adults in the US have high blood pressure, which makes the heart work harder and longer to pump blood and supply the necessary nutrients to your body. Hypertension increases your risk of heart attacks, stroke, heart failure, and kidney failure. High blood pressure is typically controlled with medication, which greatly increases your dependency on the drug. According to naturopaths, it’s important to prescribe drugs only when necessary. For early onset high blood pressure, which accounts for almost 70% of hypertension cases, supplements should be enough to prevent dependency and resistance to the drug. Supplements like Blood Pressure Reducer 1000 have shown exceptional results in reducing high blood pressure.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in adults in the US. Despite being completely manageable, many people choose to leave themselves unprotected against cardiovascular diseases simply because it’s more convenient to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Make the smart, healthy lifestyle change. If you have any of the 4 signs above, consider talking to your physician to manage your health moving forward.

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