4 Ways To Cover Up Your Hangover

by supplementrant

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a heavy, boozy night out before work because we believe we’ll be “fine in the morning.”

We’ve all been standing in a crowded bar at midnight, feeling great and ordering another malt whiskey because we’re certain we’ll still feel great in the morning. And even if we don’t, what does it matter anyway? You only live once! Screw the office!

But then the morning comes. Your alarm deafens you at 6:30AM. You wake up with bleary eyes and the first signs of a headache. You struggle out of bed and stumble wearily into the bathroom, feeling dizzy and light-headed.

You take a look at yourself in the mirror, your eyelids barely working. Your eyes are red. You’ve got puffiness and dark shadows. Your mouth stinks of alcohol and you feel as though you’ve been hit by a bus.

In short, you feel like death. You can’t believe that last malt whiskey at 3AM did this to you. How could it? You were feeling so good.

But now you’ve got work in 2 hours. You just want to curl up and die.

The bigger problem is, your boss is gonna see you, and because you’ve got an important meeting today, you simply cannot look hungover. You can wing it by saying you’ve got a stomach bug or a migraine, but your eyes are gonna give you away!

Let’s take a look at how to soften those reddened and puffy eyes.

Drink Coffee

Coffee by itself will never cure a hangover – indeed, nothing will – but it will perk you up. It’ll put the spring in your step that you need to help you get through the day from hell, and it does this by restricting blood vessels.

If you’re worried about the dark shadows under your eyes, you can even apply caffeine topically. If that sounds a little weird, we recommend Men’s Expert Hydra-Energetic Ice-Cold Eye Roller by L’Oreal.

Apply Moisturiser

Even once the puffiness around your eyes has subsided, your peepers are still going to look fairly parched and wrinkled. To help ward this classic symptom of a hangover off, we recommend applying rich lotion around your dehydrated eyes. Alternatively, you could apply moisturiser.

Peel A Potato

This one sounds crazy, but it actually works. You simply need to peel a potato before grating it and pounding it into a plaster. Then, bundle the hash into a clean cloth before lying down and applying the poultice to your peepers. Stay like this for fifteen minutes.

It does sound a little crazy, but thanks tot he anti-inflammatory properties found in a potato, the redness around your eyes will be gently soothed – and will disappear! It certainly helps if you simply cannot look hungover today.

Brew Tea

Nope, we’re not asking you to drink tea. We’re asking you to lie down with a tea bag over each eye.


All you need to do for this one is brew two green tea bags in boiling water before allowing them to cool. Then, wrap them in tissue before lying down and placing them on your eyes. Stay like this for fifteen minutes and voila!

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