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5 best machines for weight loss 

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5 best machines for weight loss
Written by supplementrant

Get the best fat burning workout with these machines!

Everybody remembers their first day at the gym – being completely clueless and without guidance. Thankfully, the gym community is often helpful and accommodating to newcomers. When you first ask about gym equipment, the first question that they ask is – what do you want to achieve?

Not all gym equipment is optimized to help you lose weight. There are two major groups in gym equipment – muscle building and cardio. Muscle-building machines like ab crunchers and leg press machines are targeted to building muscle mass in target areas. Although you use up a bit of energy when using muscle building machines, it won’t compare to the calories that you would burn using cardio machines. Cardio machines are machines specifically created to burn calories, thus reduce fat from your body. Cardio machines are also used as warm-up machines for more intense, muscle-building machines to prepare the body’s cardiovascular system for intense weight training.

If you’re serious about losing weight, do not miss out on these gym machines. Here are 5 of the best machines for weight loss:

Treadmill –

The machine that every gym-goer uses. The treadmill is immensely popular that most gyms have a limit to using it. This is used by many gym members due to the fact that it’s easy to use, it doesn’t strain your body much, and it’s effective in losing weight. However, many gym users misuse the treadmill, and they don’t get the maximum calorie burn from using this machine. Some only use the treadmill to log miles, despite having very low intensity training from the treadmill.

PRO TIP: Do not use the handles on the treadmill. The handles are just there to support you if you can’t handle the speed. Don’t count the miles, count the effort. Use a 2 incline to intensify your time on your treadmill.

Rowing machine –

The rowing machine is typically in the muscle-building group, but it also performs well as a cardio machine. Using the rowing machine tones your upper body with a single cardio+ muscle building exercise. When you use the rowing machine, it utilizes 80% of your muscle mass. The best thing about the rowing machine is the dynamic range of motion that spreads the muscle workload over your entire body, enabling you to do longer, more intense reps.

PRO TIP: Do shorter, more intense workouts when using the rowing machine. Do fewer reps with more sets. Rest for about two minutes after each set.

Stationary bike –

When it comes to popularity, stationary bikes are the second most popular gym machine. Like treadmills, gyms often put time limits on stationary bikes. The great thing about stationary bikes is the cardio workout plus the leg muscle-building exercise that goes with it. Using a stationary bike is a great way to start your leg day.

PRO TIP: don’t mind the miles. It’s just there to motivate you. Instead, choose the more intense settings to give your thigh and leg muscles more work, to burn more fat.

Step Mill –

Ever seen one of those intense athlete workouts where they run from the bottom of the arena to the top using the stairs? You don’t have to look for a stadium to do this exercise – many gyms now have step mills to simulate the stadium stairs exercise as inspired by Rocky. It’s like an intense escalator that you’re running against. Step mills are great because it puts all of your weight on a single leg at a time in a lunge.

PRO TIP: aim to get 60 steps per minute. At this rate, you can compare it to doing lunges for 60 times in a minute. Also, do not use the handles as this puts less work on your legs.

Ellipticals –

If step mills are unavailable, ellipticals would be your next best choice. Ellipticals are good cardio machines since they use up most of your muscle groups, plus it does make your heart race. The great thing about ellipticals is that you can always do more intense sets, and you control the pace.

PRO TIP: Do sets to failure. Do not use the handles as support. Use the handles as a driving force to share the machine load with your legs in order to do longer sets.

Last pro tip

If you want to increase the amount of calories that you burn, use the best fat burning supplements that boost your metabolism like LipoGenix Elite. Doing cardio exercise with metabolic boosters will exponentially increase the amount of calories that you burn during your workout.

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