5 Early Signs of Lung Cancer

by supplementrant

After prostate cancer, lung cancer is the leading form of cancer in men. Moreover, one in four cancer deaths is from lung cancer. What is even worse is the fact that lung cancer occurs in around 1 in 14 men in their lifetime. This makes it quite a high-risk cancer, especially if you are or have ever been a smoker. With this in mind, it is important to catch lung cancer early in order for it to be treatable. With such a high death toll, the problem is that the cancer is often caught quite late. Knowing the early symptoms can ensure that you can get medical attention immediately to try to treat it before it becomes a problem.

 1. The Cough

preview-full-The-Meaning-of-the-Cough-e1457325679658Most people who have lung cancer experience a persistent cough in the beginning of the disorder. You will find that the cough does not go away and tends to get worse. It can often cause a pain in your chest and can be accompanied by coughing up mucus which is a blood or rust color.

2. Chest discomfort

If you are experiencing early signs of lung cancer you will find discomfort in your chest. This can be in the form of pain when you are coughing or when you breathe deeply. If you find that laughing also causes chest pain, this is a surefire sign that you need to seek medical attention. You may also find that you breathing is more difficult and you are wheezing like you would if you had asthma.

 3. Fatigue

Like with most cancers, lung cancer causes you to feel tired. Not in a sleepy sense as such but more in a physically exhausted way. Think about the type of tired feeling you have when you have the flu; this is how lung cancer makes the body feel. It is usually accompanied with a shortness of breath, especially when doing strenuous tasks like walking uphill or carrying heavy things.

 4. Weight loss

preview-full-FatiguedManProppingUpHisHeadOnACouch.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smartPeople experiencing lung cancer usually lose quite a bit of weight at the start. This is most often due to a lack of appetite. The appetite seems to drop off suddenly and then soon after the weight seems to drop off very quickly as well. This will also make you feel more tired.


5. Persistent lung disorders

If you find that you are continuously experiencing bronchitis or pneumonia, this can be a sign of lung cancer. Illnesses of this sort should clear up and stay away, but if you are repeatedly getting them, this may be a sign of something lurking underneath destroying the immune system.

 Lung cancer can be a terrifying ordeal. Keeping yourself as healthy as possible with a strong immune system can keep cancers at bay. Try taking supplements like Ultimate Man Once a Day to boost your immune system, to help fight off dangerous diseases. Equally, you need to stop smoking immediately! The dangers of smoking are beyond reproach and it is the biggest cause of lung cancer.

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