5 Fitness Foods You’re Missing Out on

by supplementrant
5 Fitness Foods You’re Missing Out on

Do you have these food items in your diet?

There’s never enough information about food choices online, but when it comes to fitness – only a select number of food groups could be considered healthy. However, the information that you see online is only limited to the types of food that the author is familiar with, leaving healthy food items from other cuisines out of the list. More often than not, you see healthy food items that are staple food items in western cultures. This leaves out healthy food items from other areas around the globe. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the healthiest fitness foods from Asian and Indian cultures. Who knows? These food items may not just make you healthy; these may even please your palate:


Miso is a typical Japanese condiment made by grinding soybeans into paste form, and fermented using an enzyme that breaks down proteins. Due to the influence of Japanese cuisine in Asia, Miso is also a common ingredient in many cuisines in Southeast Asia. Like many fermented products, miso is a great source of Probiotics, which are live bacteria that improve digestion. The best  Miso products are unfermented to preserve the ‘good bacteria’ content. Miso can be used to add flavor to your salads, or you can mix a couple of tablespoons into dipping sauces.


Wheatgrass is known for cleaning toxins in the body. You have probably seen wheatgrass products sold in your supermarket, and in some areas, wheatgrass bars have sprung like mushrooms. The weird thing about wheatgrass is that it’s not found in any recipe as far as we know – before it was discovered to have enormous health benefits. If you can stomach taking wheatgrass straight up without any additional flavoring, then that’s the best way to take it. Otherwise, you can mix it with other, more palatable healthy food.

Beef brains

Most people cringe at the thought of eating beef brains, but if you’re looking for high-protein, low-fat food, then beef brains could be one of your best choices. While it’s not as juicy as your choice beef cuts, beef brains could be easily prepared using a variety of recipes. Do a quick Google search for the best-tasting beef brain recipes.


While millet can be found in bird feed, it is found in many recipes in African and Chinese cuisines. Millet has a mild corn taste, and to top it off – millet is completely gluten- free. Millet also contains manganese, which is an important mineral for your sex hormones, whether you’re male or female. There are many recipes that include millet in risottos, rice meals, and toppings.


Amaranth has been a staple food of ancient Aztecs, and to this day, it remains to be a native crop in Peru and in nearby areas. Amaranth can be ground into a flour-like consistency and can be used to replace flour in some recipes. Amaranth is rich in various minerals such as calcium, iron, and phosphorus. It is also high in protein and carbohydrates, which are important for bodybuilders and athletes.

Do not limit yourself to the food types available in your area. Explore other cuisines and cultures. Who knows? You might find your go-to healthy food in another cuisine. Do you know other weird-but-healthy food? Let us know by commenting below!

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