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5 Foods that would make you fat in no time

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Learn what kind of foods to avoid to prevent weight gain

Losing weight is one of the most challenging tasks for men. After all, we love all food types. To top that off, most men are under the impression that only women need to watch what they eat and how much they weigh. Men are less criticized with the way they look, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pay attention to what we eat. Weight is just a number to help you determine how healthy you are, and men need to take their weight and body fat seriously to prevent illness.

Trimming fat from your body doesn’t mean that you should avoid all the foods you like. You would only need to avoid the foods that make you fat. Here are 5 foods that would make you fat in no time:


Rice is the staple food for many Asian countries, and it’s packed with carbohydrates. Many people who eat rice do not take it into consideration when counting the calories they consume since it’s just eaten with the main course. Here’s the big deal – a typical meal contains about 200 grams of rice (cooked) and that contains 222 calories. Add your main course and possibly your drink, and you easily get near your daily calorie allocation.

Flavored drinks

It doesn’t matter if it’s fruit juice, sodas, iced tea, or alcohol, if it’s flavored, it contains calories. Drinks are one of the most fattening things we consume, and it’s also one of the most consumed items in our diet. Many of us just can’t help but consume soda, juice, and alcohol. These drinks contain so much sugar that these drinks are one of the reasons why type-2 diabetes is widespread.

Fried food

Fried food is a no-brainer. All of us know that anything cooked in fat would make you fat. Deep fried food is common in fast food items, like French fries, fish sticks, fried chicken, and many more. Fried food is rich in calories and trans fat, which is the type of fat that sticks to the inner walls of your arteries and creates plaque, which would eventually lead to atherosclerosis.


Some types of pastry are healthy, but most aren’t. Many kinds of pastry are dabbled with sugar, butter, and cream that can easily pump up the calories and fat to your body. Sweet pastries like cinnamon bread, butter toasts, cake, frosted pastries, brownies, cookies, and many more can make you fat in no time.

Ice cream

The yummy cold treat can easily make you fat while it comforts your sweet tooth. Ice cream has two things going for it that makes it a double-threat to weight gain – fat and sugar. Ice cream is high in fat and sugar, and it’s so delectable that most of us can finish one pint in one sitting.

Losing weight doesn’t mean that you have to give up all of these food types. The key to weight loss is by burning more calories than what you consume. Take the best fat burning pills to speed up your metabolism. One pill of LipoGenix Elite a day exponentially increases your body’s metabolism to help you manage your weight better.

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