5 foods that your libido hates

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5 foods that your libido hates

Avoid these foods to boost your libido

Despite having a healthy sex life, many men experience a sudden decrease in sex drive without knowing the reason behind it. We all know that there are certain foods that can boost our sex drive, but there are also types of foods that lower our libido. If you find yourself unusually uninterested about sex, then there might be something in your diet that lowers your libido.

A decrease in sex drive can be caused by a number of things. If you’re alarmed by the drastic decrease in your sex drive, you might want to consult a doctor, but not before checking your diet first. Certain types of foods can greatly affect your sexual appetite, and these effects can be magnified by other factors such as age and health status. The next time you go out for dinner, avoid eating the 5 foods that your libido hates:

Corn flakes

Did you know that corn flakes were originally intended to be a part of a religious campaign to stop people from masturbating? In fact, it’s designed to lower your libido. The makers of cornflakes, Dr. John Harvey Kellog, and the Seventh Day Adventist Church created corn flakes to stop members of their congregation from taking matters into their own hands. The recipe for cornflakes hasn’t changed much over the past century, and you can expect the same effects with today’s cornflakes.

Microwaveable popcorn

Having a movie marathon at home with your partner is a good way to introduce sex into a relationship, as long as you stay away from microwaveable popcorn. Recent studies show that the compounds in the inner linings of popcorn bags can lower the sexual appetite for men. Perfluoroalkyl acids are present in these materials and they are known to lower libido and at extreme cases – sperm count.

Soybean products

Going vegetarian isn’t such a good idea if you’re planning to replace your meat with soy-based products. Vegan diets get their protein intake mostly from soybean products, and this may adversely impact your sex life. Although soy products are rich in nutrients like vitamin A, B, and protein, it can have a drastic impact in your testosterone levels. If you’re a vegetarian and would still like to eat soybean products for its nutritional value while maintaining a healthy libido, make sure that you take the best male enhancement supplements like Libido Booster Extreme to keep your testosterone levels normal.

Graham Crackers

Who would’ve thought that graham crackers can decrease libido? As it turns out, graham crackers are just like cornflakes which were developed to suppress a man’s sex drive. Back in 1829, the inventor of Graham Crackers, Dr. Sylvester Graham, believed that the famous crackers would suppress carnal desires. Back in the day, they weren’t sure how it worked, but modern studies show that the excess refined carbohydrates found in graham crackers can cause your testosterone levels to go south.


Whoever said that alcohol can get you laid certainly didn’t think whether alcohol can get you off or not. You can hear women say that they get a little bit frisky when drunk, but the same thing cannot be said for men. It’s true that alcohol can break down your inhibitions, but it can drastically affect how you perform sexually. Alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction, trouble reaching an orgasm, and the dreaded premature ejaculation. A little bit of alcohol may be enough to lower down your inhibitions, but no one wants to have sex with a stumbling drunk dude.

These are just 5 kinds of food that can reduce your testosterone and sexual appetite. There are a lot more kinds of food that can decrease your sex drive without knowing it. If you’re fond of eating food which can reduce your sexual appetite, make sure that you take the best male enhancement pills to correct your libido.

As you age, these foods will have a greater impact on your libido. If you’re aged 40+, protect your sex life by taking Libido Booster Extreme every day. You’ll never know when you’ll need 100% of your libido, and Libido Booster Extreme will make sure that you’re ready any time.

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