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5 funniest weight loss products 

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5 funniest weight loss products
Written by supplementrant

The infomercials are convincing, but these products are just downright funny!

Have you ever seen infomercials and just immediately thought “Hey, that can’t work!” Oddly enough, some people still take the bait, and they end up looking funny while using the product. Infomercials are a good way to introduce a product that haven’t been tested by the public, and they need a production crew, a spot in TV airtime, and a really convincing host like Billy Mays to rake in the buyers.

Vibrating Belt Machine

You’ve seen this in some of the old black-and-white cartoons. The idea is to place a wide belt over your belly and the machine just shakes off your fats and cellulites. Of course, it didn’t work. But back in the day, the vibrating belt machine was one of the best-selling fat burners in the market. Of course, it did help that they were one of the few fat burners in the market back in the day, and the number of people buying it made it a bit more believable.

Sauna belt

This is more recent than the Vibrating Belt Machine, and it’s just surprising how many people it fooled into buying it. The idea is to treat your belly area with applied heat so you’d sweat up the fats – and some people buy into this idea too! The only thing wrong with this idea is that it’s not the fat that creeps up on your skin when you use this device; it’s the sweat! The difference gives a minor difference in the waistline since an ample amount of liquid is excreted at a concentrated part of your body. Drink enough water and you gain the inches back. It’s that simple.

Ab Rocket

I guess you’ve seen this infomercial way too many times. The idea is to make sit-ups a little more comfortable for you. Sounds amazing, right? However, making workouts this easy takes away all the muscle tension and the calories you would’ve burned if you had done the original sit-ups. Not to mention that they promise “sizzling rock hard” abs for this workout. Never proven, never will.


It’s endorsed by Kardashians, so it must work, right? Wrong. I’m not sure if you should ever trust any of the products endorsed by any Kardashian, but I’m sure that you should know better than to believe that a boat-shaped shoe will help you lose weight. The idea is to rock wobbly on a pair and this would somehow make your muscles work.  A study later made it clear that Shape Ups, and other similar products do not make you burn more calories or improve muscle strength or tone.

Shake Weight

If there’s an R-rating for weight loss products, the Shake Weight takes the cake. The Shake Weight is an amazingly-phallic device that has a spring loaded dumbbell that they claim to work on opposing forces to make your muscles work more. This product has been spoofed by comedy programs like SNL and The Daily Show. The product suggests that if you put two hands on a dumbbell and rock it up and down, you’d get noticeably toned arms as a result. Using this product makes you noticeable, that’s for sure.

This list just goes to show that not every fat-burning product that claims they have the best fat-burning solution in the market today would work. There are still tons of crazy weight loss products on the market today, but still very few give importance to the golden rule of weight loss, which is eat less calories than what you burn. A caloric deficit diet is the only guaranteed way to lose those extra pounds. The best part is, there are supplements that can help you boost your metabolism so you can shed pounds faster. If you’re really keen on losing weight, check out LipoGenix Elite and Garcinia X to boost your weight loss a notch or two.

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