5 Habits of a Gym Buff 

by supplementrant
5 Habits of a Gym Buff

Do you do these too?

Remember when you’ve just started working out and almost everyone at the gym was accommodating enough to help you bit by bit to reach your targets? The gym is one of the most accommodating communities I’ve ever encountered. Almost everyone is welcome; I’ve noticed that the more work you need to put in, the more encouraging the gym community is. That’s why it can’t be helped but to notice similar habits that are exclusive to gym buffs.

These habits may appear to be odd in the eyes of people who aren’t avid gym goers. In fact, these habits make so much sense when you’re working out, that you can’t help but to follow the community in practicing these habits. Here are 5 habits of a gym buff that only gym goers understand:

Diet? What diet?

Contrary to popular belief, gym buffs rarely follow a specific diet. It doesn’t mean that they don’t watch what they eat; it simply means that they don’t follow a specific program for it. For gym buffs, diet is primarily broken down into two six things – carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, fat, and water. For many people who have just started a fitness program, a certain diet may be required to help them transition into a healthy lifestyle. Gym buffs, however, are already familiar with the program that they don’t need to strictly follow a certain food group; rather, they see food in terms of its contents.

Workout clothes dominate the wardrobe

Take a peek into any of the gym buff’s wardrobe and you’ll see how much money goes into their workout apparel. Gym buffs really spend heavily on their workout equipment and clothes. From dri-fit tops to different gym shoes for training, running, and hiking; gym buffs rarely go small when it comes to their workout gear. Other people wouldn’t even consider spending $200 on a gym shoe, but gym buffs understand the difference. At the gym, comfort and safety is a priority, so it makes sense to invest on your gym gear.  The only silver lining is that gym clothes are really light on your laundry.

Obsessing over numbers

Progress at the gym is measured by numbers, so it’s normal for gym buffs to go over every single detail of their progress. Terms like body fat percentage and BMI aren’t the kind of stats that other people would obsess over, but these represent the targets and progress of gym buffs. Also, gym buffs would probably know how much protein and fat is in the steak that you’re eating better than your nutritionist. Working out has so much science backing it up that gym buffs know how much calories you take, how long it takes you to burn them, and how much workout you need to do to lose x amount of fat.

Gym buffs are usually great in the kitchen

Healthy food isn’t always exciting, and that’s why many gym buffs have acquired some fancy culinary skills to make their healthy lifestyle more interesting. It’s quite amazing what some gym buffs come up with – Protein ice cream & cake, lean turkey burgers, stir fried lean lamb and veggies – you name it; gym buffs have a way of turning boring but healthy dishes into exquisite cuisine

Gym buffs love to talk about supplements

While others are just satisfied with their daily multivitamins, gym buffs love to discuss and sometimes debate supplements. What works, what to avoid, and what you should stack – gym goers are open to the opinion of fellow gym buffs when it comes to supplements. That’s exactly one of the reasons why we have SupplementRant.com up, because we know that gym buffs would like to know what the best muscle building supplements are, and the best fat burning pills on the market. It’s difficult and dangerous to try every product firsthand, so reviews and recommendations are important for the gym community.

Do these 5 things make sense to you? If yes, then a big thanks to you! You’re a part of the growing community that makes the world a healthier place. Kudos! Check out more fitness and bodybuilding articles from SupplementRant.com!

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