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5 jobs that make employees gain weight 

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5 jobs that make employees gain weight
Written by supplementrant

Is your job making you fat?

Do you ever feel that your job prevents you from getting the body that you want? After all, your job eats up most of your time during the day. Your job comprises most of your lifestyle, and what you do during the day influences how your body works. Certain job types make you gain weight more than others due to your work responsibilities. The key is figuring how to meet your fitness requirements despite your work responsibilities.

The type of work you do would definitely affect the way your body manages its energy and its resources. That’s why active jobs are the best jobs for people who want a toned, ripped body. However, for these jobs, fitness won’t come easy. Here are 5 jobs that make employees gain weight:

Administrative assistant

The sedentary work environment makes you more susceptible to weight gain. Sitting behind a desk all day would certainly affect the way your body burns calories. Administrative assistants are probably one of the least active jobs today. Some administrative assistants are technically paid to sit behind a desk all day to manage their clients’ schedules and communications. In a recent survey, 69% of administrative assistants say that they are overweight.

Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioners are the less active kind of nurses who assist physicians in their private offices or medical practice. Unlike the nurses that work in certain departments in the hospital, there’s less activity in the day of a nurse practitioner. Their movements every day are limited to walking in the confined space of the office, and nothing much comes after.


Our think tanks are one of the pillars of a budding economy, but sadly, they are also one of the least efficient when it comes to weight management. I guess it comes with a job that’s bombarded with stress due to deadlines and picky clients and add to the fact that most of the work done is behind the desk – it would really take discipline and effort to make an engineer fit.

IT Professionals

IT Professionals literally work behind the desk all the time. Nothing makes your lifestyle more sedentary than the job responsibilities of an IT professional. IT professionals are stressed, working extra hours, and add to the fact that many IT professionals enjoy at-home entertainment when they are not at work.

Lawyers/legal professionals

Lawyers are one of the most stressed professionals today. It’s no secret that lawyers pour insane hours every week, and most of the time they work behind a desk. It’s a big plus that some legal professionals work on their fitness on their off days to build up their confidence when dealing with clients.

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