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5 kinds of beverages you need to avoid 

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5 kinds of beverages you need to avoid
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Stay away from these beverages to lose weight

Picture this – you’re working out to the best of your efforts and still you’re not losing weight like you expected. What went wrong? In every weight loss endeavor, we always look to our exercise routines and our food consumption to determine how much we should lose, and if you’ve followed your diet and your exercise regimen to the letter, then you should notice some improvements – but what if you don’t?

It’s important to note that most diets do not discuss the liquids that you should be taking. Some beverages contain certain ingredients that make you gain weight. Here are 5 kinds of beverages that you need to avoid when trying to lose weight:

Alcoholic beverages

Yes. Your late night bourbon and your weekly beer drinking session with your buddies may need to take a hit on this one. Alcoholic beverages can make you gain weight. In fact, it’s one of the most common fattening drinks. The calorie content in an alcoholic beverage like in a bottle of beer is almost similar to a burger. You’d need to cut down on your drinking, and if you really need to drink, stick to low-calorie light beers.


It’s no secret that sodas are unhealthy, but you just don’t realize how these fizzy drinks can make you fat. For one, sodas contain a large amount of sugar per serving to make them taste better and more addicting. A 12 ounce serving of coke can contain as much as 140 calories, or almost equivalent to a ham sandwich.


Most smoothies are marketed as healthy drinks that would make you digest food better. In some cases, especially when you’re blending food that is rich in fiber, you can definitely lose weight. However, in some smoothie recipes, sugar is added to make the mixture more palatable, which translates to added calories. More calories – more fat stored in your body. If you’re planning to drink smoothies, drink it straight up without adding high fructose syrup or sugar.

Fruit juices

We were told that fruits are healthy, and you should take as much fruit as you can to be healthy. While this is almost true, the same thing can’t be said for fruit juices. More often than not, fruit juices have ungodly amounts of sugar added while the flavor remains artificial despite claims that it contains “real” fruit juice. Due to the added sugar in the mix, fruit juices can actually make you fat instead of healthy.

Coffee with cream/ gourmet coffee

Coffee is a great weight loss drink if you take it black. Adding cream or milk to your coffee will certainly increase its calorie count. If you like to drink coffee from Starbucks, best be aware that the milk used in these businesses are full cream milk mixed with several other syrups to make the taste. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, ask for a low fat milk.

These drinks are deeply ingrained in our diets that it may be a bit challenging to remove these drinks from your diet. If you find it hard to give up any of these drinks, try taking the best fat burning pills instead to even out the process. Take LipoGenix Elite once a day to spark your weight loss efforts.

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