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5 Misconceptions about Fat Burners

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5 Misconceptions about Fat Burners
Written by supplementrant

The facts about fat burner myths

Fat burners are one of the most popular supplements today. With a large number of people buying fat burners to help them gain a grip on their weight, it’s not surprising that there are some misconceptions and misunderstandings concerning the real effect of fat burners to the body.

Fat burning supplements provide a direct course of action to help people maintain their weight. Men and women use fat burners for a number of reasons – to lose weight, burn fat, or simply to manage their weight better. Whatever the purpose is, fat burners aren’t the miracle product that many people think it is. Here are 5 misconceptions about fat burners that you need to know:

Fat burners always make your poop oily

Some people avoid fat burners because they are under the impression that all fat burners make your poop oily, which can cause an oily anal leakage. Steatorrhea is a common occurrence, especially after eating oily food, and some supplements actually make you excrete excess fat in form of feces. There are some fat burners that can cause steatorrhea for the sole purpose of eliminating fat before it gets absorbed into your blood stream, like the supplement Flat Belly. However, only a certain category of fat burners can make you eliminate fat through feces.

Fat burners allow you to eat anything

Fat burners wouldn’t miraculously take care of your food intake for you. The use of fat burners helps you control your weight and body fat, but you would need a conscious effort to control what you eat even when you’re taking fat burners.

Fat burners can be stacked with any supplement

Not all fat burners can be stacked. Stimulant-rich fat burners cannot be stacked with most pre-workout supplements. Many fat burners use stimulants like caffeine, which other pre-workout supplements have as their main ingredient. Doubling your intake of caffeine will increase your risk of experiencing the side effects of caffeine.

Fat burners are only for women

We’ve seen many fat burning products aimed at the female market, but that doesn’t mean that fat burners are only designed for women. Fat burners are also used by men, especially bodybuilders. After the caloric surplus diet needed for bulking up, bodybuilders use fat burners to speed up the cutting process to help them get that distinct ripped physique. Some of the best fat burning supplements are targeted towards the male market, like LipoGenix Elite.

Fat burners are ineffective

Although not all supplements are effective, there are some that are effective, just not in the way that you think. Some of the best fat burning supplements work under the radar – you won’t “feel” its effects on your body, but you will definitely “see” its effects on the mirror. The best fat burning pills like Garcinia X (Garcinia Cambogia) work by suppressing your appetite and preventing fat from being stored in your body. With daily use, Garcinia X can drastically reduce your body fat to get the body that you want.

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