5 Naughty Texts She Can’t Help But Respond To

by supplementrant
5 Naughty Texts She Can’t Help But Respond To - Supplementrant

Sexting is fun. It’s secretive, thrilling and just seems so naughty. You may have noticed that your sexting advances are not always met with enthusiasm. If she’s not into it, she might play dumb and pretend to not understand you, or just go “lol :)”. That’s not exactly the kind of response you were hoping for. Here are some tempting texts to get her to play along.

What color is your bra?

A play on the classic “what are you wearing”. The problem with “ what are you wearing” is that you are giving her an opportunity to “play dumb”. Specificity is key! She might say “red” to which you can follow up with more questions about the bra. “Is it tight?”, “what sort of fabric?” then move to “tell me what your tits feel like when you squeeze them”. By starting out with the bra questions you are gearing her up for questions that are a little more risqué.

Just thinking about what beautiful legs you have

Starting out with something innocent will get her interested and then you can slowly move it into more “adult” territory. She may reply with “aw, thank you :)”, to which you can reply “I just love touching them. They’re so smooth. I would love to kiss your thighs right now. How does that sound to you?”. Wait for a reply, if she seems into it then continue onto, “I would give anything to spread your legs and lick you until you come. Are you getting wet?”. Always end with a question.

Just jerked off and thought about you the whole time

11aSo all of these texts are to be sent to someone you have already had sex with. This is not something to send to a girl you barely know who you think is hot. Just wanted to throw that in before continuing. If it’s a girl you are currently involved with, she will be very flattered, believe me. If she doesn’t respond or goes “oh?”…ask her “do you wanna know I was thinking about?”. Wait for her to reply “yes” and then let your imagination run wild.

What would you do if I were to ______ right now

Finger you, massage your nipples, lick your clit etc…wait for an answer and then continue on to “what if I slipped my fingers into your wet pussy, what kind of sound would you make?”. End each text with a question. As you continue on she will get more and more comfortable with it and become totally engaged.

I forget what you look like naked, can you remind me?

11bShe will know exactly what you’re trying to do here, but she won’t even care. Any excuse to brag about her bod will be grounds for sexting. This also a great way to get her more confident if she struggles with body image. Get her to describe everything in great detail.

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