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5 objects you shouldn’t forget before sex

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5 objects you shouldn’t forget before sex
Written by supplementrant

Don’t forget these things before sex!

Getting ready for the big night? If you’re absolutely sure that you’re getting action under the sheets later then you should be prepared for anything that will happen.

The crazy thing about women is that they want everything to be spontaneous, and yet they expect sex to be perfect. So what do we men do? We improvise. We prepare, but we don’t overdo it.  We only prepare for the things that are important, and we leave the rest to spontaneity. You can’t control what’s about to happen, but you can increase the odds of it happening.

How, you ask? You can improve your chance of getting laid by making sure that you’re thoroughly prepared.  Here are 5 objects you shouldn’t forget before sex:


Practice safe sex. You see that everywhere and your lady expect it from you too. No glove, no love. Statistics show that women are more comfortable having sex with a condom, regardless if it gives them a better sexual satisfaction. Let’s face it, men would rather have the glove taken off because of the pleasure, and at the heat of the moment, the last things we’d be thinking about are the risks. Here’s the concrete truth – it doesn’t matter if you want to use condoms or not. If she wants to use condoms (like most of the time), then you’d just have to.

Breath mints/strips

Picture this – you’ve just finished your dinner date and you’re on your way home. Things get a little frisky and you start kissing, and then it all comes back – all the forgotten memories of your dinner: the fish in tartar sauce, the heavily sauced-up steak, the two strips of onion and pickles on your burger – you start to taste it all in one nasty food-tripping French kiss. As men, we’ve learned pretty much to stomach anything if it gets us in bed, but women – not so much. It’s best to bring breath mints or strips to mask that pungent burger you had for dinner. Plus, women find men who have fresh breath sexy.


It’s a part of personal hygiene, and this should have been a giveaway, but I’ll leave this here so you won’t forget it. The last thing you want to be when you’re in bed with your partner is being that obnoxious, smelly dude with really strong, curry-flavored armpits. Make sure that you use a deodorant – NO EXCEPTIONS.


No, not because I expect you to pay for everything, but to at least be ready when it all goes down. Will you do it in your place or hers, or a hotel? Would you want to spend more time at the bar? Would you want to drive to the beach instead? Whatever the case is, having cash in your hand makes you more capable of going with the flow – wherever it takes you.

Male enhancement pills

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