5 Reasons to Build Muscle

by supplementrant
5 Reasons to Build Muscle

Still stuck with cardio?

Gym rats say that cardio is the gateway to bodybuilding, but many seem to be stuck and content with cardio. Statistics show that people who are new to gym equipment and exercise have no plans of moving up to bodybuilding because they are satisfied with the results they are getting from simple cardio exercises.

While doing cardio is great, doing cardio exercises alone wouldn’t get you the best results at the gym. If you want to get the most out of your gym visits, check out these 5 reasons to start bodybuilding:

Bodybuilding improves strength

Cardio enthusiasts might ask – why do you need to gain more strength? I’m perfectly capable the way I am now. The reason why many people are satisfied with the capabilities of their body is because they haven’t experienced gaining more strength than they actually have. You need strength and endurance for almost everything – walking, working, driving, and even just bending over and picking up something. Adding strength and muscle to your body makes it easier to do day-to-day activities, and if you’d add them all up, it would be a huge advantage for you – something that plain cardio wouldn’t do. Men who go to the gym just to burn calories may not be aware that getting too much cardio may actually shrink their muscles due to muscle catabolism.

Bodybuilding increases metabolism

Bodybuilding speeds up your metabolism by increasing your muscle mass. With more muscle mass, your body has a lot more muscles to feed and energize, which expends calories much faster. As an exercise, bodybuilding already burns a lot of calories. Combined with muscle growth, bodybuilding would burn more calories over time than just plain cardio exercises.

Eat your heart out

Bodybuilding doesn’t have as much restrictions to your diet like cardio. Most people do cardio just to even out their calorie intake and burn away those extra calories in the treadmill. Bodybuilding is different since you can still eat your guilty pleasures like cake and bacon. Bodybuilding gives your body a whole workout, which enables you to use up all your guilty pleasures for your own benefit. Of course, everything needs to be in moderation. Eat anything in excess and you’d still end up out of proportion. Still, bodybuilding gives you fewer restrictions over cardio.

Good posture

Do you have a great posture? Your posture depends on the strength, flexibility, and endurance of different muscle groups in your back, abs, and shoulders. Good posture keeps your bones and joints in the correct alignment to efficiently use your various muscle groups. It also decreases back pain and stress in your joints. As your age, your posture deteriorates, making you exposed to various spinal injuries. Bodybuilding keeps your core muscles strong to prevent early deterioration.

Ladies love men with muscles

Not to be shallow or anything – women are biologically-inclined to be attracted to men with developed muscles. Muscle development is a product of testosterone, which is the hormone responsible for primary male characteristics. Muscles make men appear more manly, and capable of doing things that men do. Muscles make men aesthetically-appealing to women. This is not meant to generalize the preference of women, but women are hardwired to prefer the more physically-able man than the skinny cardio dude if all the other factors are stripped from the equation.

Let’s put it out there – starting bodybuilding is extremely overwhelming, especially if you have avoided bodybuilding exercises since you started your gym subscription. You might be intimidated by other bodybuilders who have developed such huge muscles. Everyone started off at some point, and it does take work before you get to the point where you can show off your big muscles.

Thankfully, there are supplements that can help you build muscles faster. The best muscle-building supplements help you achieve strength and endurance to do more intense workouts. Supplements like NitroGenix 365 boost your muscle strength and increase your recovery rate to enable you to build muscles easier and faster than any other supplement on the market today. If you’re serious about bodybuilding, it’s best to match your efforts with supplements like NitroGenix 365. See you in the weight room!

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