5 Sexual Problems That Affects Almost Every Woman

by Supplement Rant Staff
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Since an erect penis is essential for sexual intercourse to be possible, people often tend to focus on sexual disorders that affect men more than those that can affect a woman’s sex life. Do a simple search on Google for common sexual problems – chances are, the first results will provide information about erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, which are both sexual disorders that affect men.

Even though a woman is on the receiving side of things when it comes to sex, they can still suffer from a variety of sexual problems that can cause havoc on their sex lives – and lead to uncomfortable, painful sex or even no sex at all. In this post, we are going to discuss the five most common sexual problems that affect women in general, including their potential causes and treatment options.

1. Low Sex Drive

A low sex drive, also sometimes referred to as a lack of sexual desire or low libido, is probably the most common sexual problem that women suffer from. This particular problem is classified as a sexual disorder and can lead to many problems in a woman’s sex life and even become a threat to her relationship.

The JAMA Network reports that around 26.7% of premenopausal women experience a low sex drive, while more than 50% of menopausal women experience low libido. Mayo Clinic reports that numerous treatment options are available for women suffering from this particular sexual problem. Treatment options that are made available to a woman diagnosed with a low sex drive may include a counseling program, conducted by a sex therapist, as well as hormone therapy, the use of a particular drug that was first used to treat depression, known as Flibanserin. A doctor may also take a look at a woman’s current medication to see if any could cause their sex drive to decrease as a side-effect.

2. Difficulty Reaching Orgasm

man undresses wifeReaching orgasm is considered essential for sex to be satisfactory by most women. It is also a way for men to know that they have provided immense pleasure to their partner. Unfortunately, according to ABC News, as much as 75% of women never reach orgasm through sexual intercourse. They often require additional stimulation, which might make things somewhat uncomfortable if she hadn’t reached orgasm by the time her male partner had.

According to Healthline, the first option for treatment would be to obtain a thorough medical examination to identify any potential underlying diseases that may cause orgasmic dysfunction. Certain antidepressant medication may also cause this problem, so switching to another type of medication for depression is also an option. Furthermore, sex therapy has also been proven to be successful amongst many women.

3. Painful Intercourse

Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but when painful sensations are experienced during sex, it takes away the good things that there is about this intimate activity. Painful intercourse is another common problem that can affect any women at any time. This problem is also known as dyspareunia. Mayo Clinic explains that emotional issues are often the factor to contribute to painful intercourse. They also report that the particular potential causes for painful intercourse depend on whether the painful sensations are experienced entry or during deep thrusting whilst having sex.

4. Lubrication Issues

Penetration requires an adequate amount of lubrication, as dry penetration can be painful and even cause tearing, which may lead to bleeding. This can be uncomfortable and even cause sex to end quickly after penetration. The University of California reports that at least 40% of women in the United States tend to experience problems during sexual intercourse due to improper lubrication. They also explain that lubrication problems are amongst the top complaints that women have when they are asked about the commonly experienced sexual problems. If lubrication is a problem, then a lubricant can be purchased at a pharmacy to help ease the problem – this is the most effective treatment option.

5. Satisfaction Issues

couple sexual and relationship problemsFinally, we also want to mention the fact that a lot of women also tends to complain about not being thoroughly satisfied during sex. While this isn’t necessarily a particular problem that can be diagnosed as a medical concern, it should still be considered.

Sexual dissatisfaction can come in two forms – either the woman may suffer from a problem that causes her not to be satisfied during sex, or the man is unable to please her. If the problem lies within the woman, then she could have a low sex drive and not be in the mood, or experience painful sex or vaginal dryness, which makes sexual intercourse hurtful for her.


While there is a general focus on sexual problems among men, women can also suffer from various sexual disorders and problems that lead to problems with their performance in the bedroom. By educating yourself on these sexual problems among women, you are able to identify potential problems in yourself, know what symptoms to look out for and you will be able to know what treatment options are available to help you overcome these common problems.

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