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5 Signs She’s Faking It 

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5 Signs She’s Faking It
Written by supplementrant

Is she faking her orgasm?

A buddy of mine asked me once, would you rather know when your woman is faking it, or would you rather not know and enjoy the sex as it is? It sounded too philosophical and I was about to do some serious soul searching to answer such a silly question. But really, do we really want to know when we’re being duped?

I personally would prefer not to know and just enjoy being duped. After all, ignorance is bliss. But given my experience with women, I no longer have the luxury of not knowing. However, with most women admitting to faking an orgasm just to please their man, it makes it hard for men to trust women when they say they’re satisfied – and for the women who don’t understand why we fuss over things like these, it’s because knowing that we can sexually satisfy a woman reinforces our capacity of being a man, and for many of us, it’s a big thing.

What I am about to share can bruise the ego of many men. Read at your own risk.

Here are 5 signs she’s faking it:

She’s looking elsewhere while you’re having sex

Picture this – you’re all-out humping and puffing and you see her catch a glimpse of the clock. Is she bored? You bet she is. Just consider that she’s butt-naked and you have your penis inside her, you should get her full attention, right? Then you catch her taking a glimpse of the clock or the wall, and a few seconds later, she says she climaxed – not even a plot worthy of porn, if you ask me.

It doesn’t match

Her reactions during sex are like thunder and lightning – her face should tell the story of her moans. If she moans way too loud but her face tells a different story, she’s faking it. More often than not, women who are bored want men to finish up quickly just to get over with it already.

Her breathing gets from heavy to normal in a snap

When you have sex, you notice that she breathes way too heavily, and she moans like crazy. At times, it may seem like she’s putting on a show, and after she climaxes, you notice that her breathing goes back to normal, just like she got out of bed. What’s up with that? It’s just a part of their ruse to convince you that they came so you can just finish off and get it over with.

She jumps off the bed right after sex

After a woman finishes, it takes a while to recuperate and regain her composure before she can start to do anything. That’s why they cuddle, they rest, and sometimes they even sleep after sex. If she can just jump right off the bed and go back to what she was doing before you were having sex, she faked it for sure. A woman’s only reason to jump off the bed after having an orgasm is to relieve themselves in the bathroom.

She can’t look you in the eye

After sex, it’s the guilty look that she’s sporting. She avoids you, you can’t talk to her openly, and she can’t look you in the eye – the classic telltale signs of lying. Faking an orgasm is lying about your sexual satisfaction.

Given all these signs, how can you tell that she’s not faking it? Women have different ways of enjoying sex, and they are stimulated in a number of ways, but the most common sign that your partner is not faking it is when you feel her PC muscles (pubococcygeus) close in on your penis when you have sex. Also, toe-curling is a dead giveaway for pleasure.

Why is she faking it?

For a number of reasons – maybe she’s bored, or she’s just too polite to tell you you’re boring. A lacking sexual performance usually leaves women bored in bed. If you find her faking her orgasms, consider taking the best male enhancement supplements like Instant Erection and Sexual Overdrive to make her experience what it’s like when you’re running at full-speed.

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