5 Simple Ways Men Can Boost Their Sex Drive 

by Supplement Rant Staff
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Most men will notice that their sex drive and stamina decline once they reach a certain age, which usually happens around mid-life. However, younger men can experience the same issues as well. There are many causes of dampening sexual energy in men of all ages with the most common being stress, aging, cardiovascular disease, and declining testosterone levels. As a result, treating this common male problem largely depends on finding the underlying causes. To help you find what exactly is behind your low sexual energy and how you can address your problems accordingly, here are five simple tips to consider when trying to boost your sexual drive.

  1. Control Your Stress Levels

You’ve probably already heard it countless times before, but this really cannot be emphasized enough – stress is the leading cause of almost all chronic diseases. Prolonged stress is also bound to make you completely disinterested in sex by leading to a libido-dampening condition such as depression, fatigue, and anxiety. A study published in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism even found that stress leads to major changes in the levels of key hormones, including testosterone.

However, truth be told, controlling stress is easier said than done. This is most likely because we tend to focus on trying to remove the stressors in our lives which is in many cases, not possible. Instead, what you should do to control your stress levels is to learn how to manage your response to the stressful situation. Yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques, or spending more time outdoors are just some options that will keep that libido-drenching stress at bay, and once you have your stress levels under control, your sexual energy is bound to return.

  1. Lose Weight If Needed

pinching belly fatIf you happen to be overweight, then shedding those extra pounds may prove to be enough to get your sexual energy back. Having too much body fat can have a negative effect on your overall health, and this will inevitably show on your sexual functioning. Being overweight is a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease and diabetes – both conditions associated with poor sexual functioning in men. But other than ruining your overall health, having too much fat in your body could easily disrupt your hormones.

Fat tissue is now recognized as an endocrine organ among other things as it stimulates the production of the female hormone estrogen. More estrogen in your body also means a declining sex drive, and this was even scientifically confirmed to be true. A study published in Clinical Endocrinology found that young men who were obese had 40-50% lower testosterone levels than their healthy weight counterparts.

  1. Try Resistance Training to Boost Your T levels

Low sexual energy is often considered as a tell-tale sign that something is wrong with their testosterone levels. Since testosterone is most responsible for governing a man’s sex drive, a decline in this important hormone will often make you disinterested in sex. One way you can naturally boost your testosterone levels for better sexual health is through resistance training. Resistance training such as weightlifting causes an acute endocrine response among which is the release of greater levels of testosterone.

One reason why this happens is that testosterone is a known muscle-building hormone, right after human growth hormone. In addition to testosterone, an important component of muscle building and resistance training, in general, is eating a high-protein and moderate fat diet as both nutrients play a role in testosterone synthesis and muscle growth.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Getting adequate amounts of sleep is a no-brainer when you are trying to improve your overall health and your bedroom performance as well. Unfortunately, in today’s busy and competitive world, most of us are skipping on much-needed sleep to get ahead of the rat race. But keep in mind that a lack of sleep will lead to a larger waistline, dull skin, and low energy levels – all things you can expect to make you feel less attractive, and that can cause your sexual energy to drop. Poor sleep will also ruin your sex drive by affecting your testosterone levels according to a study published in the journal Sleep.

The study in question measured the testosterone levels after sleep in twelve healthy men ages 64 to 74. The study found that the sleep-deprived men were more likely to have suboptimal levels of circulating testosterone when compared to men that were getting enough sleep.

  1. Work on Your Relationship

winter romanceIn some cases, a poor sex drive may have more to do with things going on in your relationship than with the state of your health. Bringing back the romance in your relationship may be just what you need to boost your sexual energy. Psychologists and therapist often provide counseling to couples who are going through intimacy issues and suggest guidelines to help these couples resolve any discordances they may be facing in their relationship. Men often withdraw when their experiencing relationship stress and this can definitely affect intimacy levels.

Make sure to consider your relationship as a possible source of your current decline in sexual functioning and consider ways you think you could resolve this issue. If you are not in a committed relationship, then you may benefit from therapy to see if there is a psychological reason for any changes in your sexual functioning. After all, romance, intimacy, and sexual attraction are things that keep your sexual interest high better than any top male enhancement pills could ever do.


Sexual dysfunction is fairly common in both older and younger men. It is characterized by a low libido in most cases in addition to erectile dysfunction. If you are experiencing a decline in your sexual energy, then looking into the possible causes will help you determine which treatment will work for you. Some medical conditions are known to cause a decline in testosterone levels which inevitably shows on your sexual health. And while you could try to boost your testosterone levels with supplements, it is always best to first consider a more natural approach to keeping your testosterone levels optimal and your sexual energy high.

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