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5 Simple Ways to Enhance your Metabolism

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5 Simple Ways to Enhance your Metabolism
Written by supplementrant

Speed up your metabolism to lose weight faster

Talking about weight loss is not complete without mentioning your metabolism one way or the other. How fast does your body metabolize? Your metabolism influences your body’s basic energy expenditure, storage, and needs. More often than not, it’s not your metabolism that influences how much you weigh, but your food intake and physical activity during the day affects how heavy or how slim you can get at any given time.

The key to unlocking weight loss is by speeding up your metabolism to use up the fat stores in your body to continuously spend energy. By increasing your energy expenditure, your body will be forced to use its stored energy in fat, which ultimately results in weight loss. Here are 5 simple ways to enhance your metabolism:

Do more intense workouts

If you are fond of using the treadmill, you can kick it up a notch and do longer, more intense exercises. The key to speeding up your metabolism is making your body get used to a higher energy expenditure, so your body will expect that you would spend huge amounts of energy at any given time. Regular intense workouts would likely improve your metabolism to melt those stubborn fat cells away.

Take omega-3 fatty acids

You may have heard from an infomercial that Omega-3 helps lose weight. Omega-3 helps amp up your metabolism by balancing sugar and reducing inflammation, which ultimately regulates metabolism. Taking Omega-3 also helps develop a resistance to leptin, a hormone responsible for how fast fat cells are used by the body. Take one capsule of Optimal Omega a day to kick your metabolism up a notch for the rest of the day.

Do bodybuilding workouts

Building muscle enhances your metabolism in the long run. You should not limit yourself by just doing cardio exercises to lose fat; bodybuilding exercises are more of a long-term management of your metabolism to ensure that you won’t gain the fat that you lost while doing cardio. More muscle mass means more muscle tissue that your body needs to feed with energy, and that speeds up your metabolism in the long run.

Eat calories equal to your resting metabolic rate

Dieting is one of the hardest challenges in weight loss, but it can be counterproductive if you put a screeching halt on your calorie intake. If you shun calories immediately, your body would try and preserve as much calories as it can, as your basic survival processes kick in. Try to eat calories that are just equal to the calories that you’d burn while resting to maintain a healthy balance, which is around 1800-2000 calories a day.

Take the best fat burning pills

Fat burning pills can help speed up the process of burning fat by increasing your body’s core temperature. A heated core uses your body’s energy, and that would exponentially increase the amount of calories burned, especially if you’re doing your intense cardio or bodybuilding exercise. Take one pill of LipoGenix Elite a day to maximize the amount of calories burned. It’s by far the easiest way to speed up your metabolism.

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