5 Skills Women Adore

by Supplement Rant Staff
man cooking at home for woman

Everyone loves someone who has skills. Whether this is writing, basketball, or Olympic curling, people are attracted to skill. Being good at something shows that you are dedicated and driven. It shows that you have passion and don’t plan to spend your entire life being mediocre. You know that you were born to be great so you take the time to become great. Competence is sexy. How do you think nerds get the ladies?

See, nerds are very passionate. Whatever they do they put only their best effort. They learn as much as possible and practice for hours upon hours. This builds competence, which builds sexiness. Nerds had it figured out a long time ago. Who knew!

Before getting into what women love, the bigger question is, what do you love doing? The greatest way to build skill is to enjoy what you’re doing. Back to the examples above. Do you get excited about creating worlds and characters that won’t exist if you don’t write them? Do you relish precise hand-eye coordination that will allow you to place a ball in a hole a tiny bit bigger than said ball? Do you enjoy sweeping ice in order to reduce friction to strategically place a block of granite in a very narrow space?

Your passion is the first step to building skills that will make a woman want to find out more.

But, what skills do women love?

Here are five skills that women adore. After reading this article, and sharing, pick up a book, join a group, or browse around for some websites.

  1. Other languages. Know them.

multilingual man speaking different languages, international flagsLearning another language is hard, but that will pay off. Now, this article isn’t suggesting you spend years learning a language just to get a woman but follow a language that you like. Whether you like the melody of the language or certain words, you can meet many new people and learn about their culture. Not to mention, there are many studies showing that bilingual parents, or fathers, have more attractive children and more opportunities to make more money. There are tons of companies that need translators and interpreters. So, not only are you increasing your chances of getting the woman, you could have a higher income and amazing kids. After you learn a language, or two, bring it up really gently and surprise her with your skill. She’ll be hooked.

To get started, visit your local library or check out a copy of Rosetta Stone.

  1. Music

A little easier to learn than another language, playing a musical instrument, including singing, with skill is a top turn-on for women. No matter what the instrument is, your sheer ability will show her that you have a softer side. Instruments of all types must be played in a certain way, with a certain touch. Guitar strings often need to be caressed, while drums need to be wrung of their beauty. And your voice. There’s nothing like a man who has mastered his voice. The voice is a magnificent instrument that can reach the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Knowing this, women will fall in love with both your skill and you.

To get started, check out videos on YouTube and join groups of musicians of all levels. You can find a mentor and beginners like yourself to practice with.

  1. Car skills

To impress a woman, you don’t have to be a mechanic, or even close to one. While there are some women who know their way around a car, most women have little to no knowledge. But, her car doesn’t care how much she knows, so you can be there to help her along. When building this skill, you’ll want to end up with enough knowledge to be able to maintain your car and accurately diagnose issues. Looking puzzled as soon as you open the hood won’t inspire confidence in the woman you’re trying so hard to impress. Not to mention, you’ll be less of a target to shady mechanics, which will save the both of you money.

To get started, grab a copy of How Cars Work and go to CarBibles.com. For an illustrated, easy-to-follow guide geared toward students, How Cars Work is great. Once you read this, CarBibles.com offers more in-depth maintenance guides.

  1. Dancing

happy couple dancing back to back in kitchenBeing at ease with your body is an excellent way to show her you’re confident and chill. Even if you feel shy, just go for it. Dancing is nothing but moving your body to the beat, whatever way you want. Even if your moves aren’t the best, just remember to project confidence and she’ll be dancing right along with you.

If you’re really worried, take a class. Just remember that dancing, like your humor, is subjective.

  1. Cooking

This is the pinnacle of skills women love. Though conventions of society may make it seem like women are dainty eaters, it’s not true. When you’re not around they scrap a lot of those ladylike manners that are forced on them. Know that, when you pull out the pots, pans and associated utensils and actually know what you’re doing, she’s not going to be able to hide how pleasantly surprised she is.

Not only will this help you woo her, but you’ll be eating healthier, better food that you made yourself.

To get started, master the basics and then the classics such as steak and chicken. When you get a bit more experience, work on bread. Fresh, homemade bread and croissants are amazing.

Epicurious.com is great for in-depth information on cooking and so is Harold McGee’s book, On Food and Cooking.

These are some of the skills that women adore. Others skills include athleticism, knowing your way around power tools, and being a good speaker. Find the skill you enjoy and get great at it.

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