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5 Things Men Do In Bed That All Women Hate 

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5 Things Men Do In Bed That All Women Hate
Written by supplementrant

Are you guilty of any of these?

Ever had that feeling that you were awesome in something and you later find out that you completely sucked and everyone was just putting up with you? That’s exactly how men feel when they find out that their moves in bed aren’t as great as they thought it was. Men are completely oblivious of the fact that we do so many things during sex that all women hate.

To be fair, there are also quite a few things that women do that we are just putting up with, but it’s different with us men. Unlike men who can be direct and say it as it is, many times men are just completely clueless because when we get called out with something we do during sex, women know that it emasculates us. There’s nothing more ball-busting than knowing that women dislike something we’re doing in bed, after thinking that we’re completely a beast in it. It makes you think about other things you think you’re good at that she secretly hates.

Rest easy, fellas. Although women have different preferences, they pretty much agree on these 5 things men do in bed that they hate.

The whale hump

Sometimes, being on top gets a little too tiring and some men might want to rest up a bit and release their entire body weight on top of their partner. Not only does it feel less pleasurable for them; it also crushes their belly and rib area when you hump without any support from your arms. If your arms get too tired when at a certain position, consider changing positions, maybe have her on top.

Sometimes, men get too excited and too lost in their own pleasure that they forget that sex takes two. During sex, rhythm is very important for women. When you’re in control, your partner will rely on your moves for pleasure. It’s okay to make it pleasurable for yourself, but keep in mind that your partner also expects something in return. See how she likes what you’re doing. Knowing that she likes what you’re doing, or even getting her to climax first makes your orgasm more pleasurable.

Ruining the bed covers

This applies if you share a bed with your partner, or you’re at her place. Don’t make the mistake of finishing yourself on her bed covers. Trust me, after you finish, all she’ll ever think about is how much effort it will take to wash the bed covers. You know you’re going to finish one way or another, so look for something to wipe yourself with ASAP after you finish. At least make an effort to clean your mess up, even if it’s not your place.

Skipping foreplay

Many men make the mistake of skipping foreplay. Some think that it’s sexy to just get it on without warming her up. Unless you got her really hot and bothered, and she’s slippery as a tube of lube down there, you can’t assume that she really wants it inside right away. Without foreplay, women won’t get naturally lubricated, which makes sex really painful. It doesn’t matter if you use lube to get her started. As soon as she feels pain without getting excited, she won’t be into it for long.

Getting a “reload” 

Women hate it when you finish up before they do because they know that’s the end of it. They hate it even more if you suddenly go flaccid in the middle of sex. Men assume that it’s up to their partner to get them hard again if they go soft, but women hate that they’d have to do something just to get you excited again. Seeing a flaccid penis makes them feel unwanted, as far as deal-breakers go, softies top the list. If you’re having problems maintaining an erection, it might be caused by poor blood flow. Take the best male enhancement supplements that improve blood flow like Formula 41 Extreme. It’s one of the best male enhancement pills we’ve tested that can actually increase the size of your penis and make you last longer in bed.

Are you guilty of doing any of these things? Remember, the key is always figuring out her cues based on how she reacts. She might be too polite to tell you when you’re doing something she hates, but at the end of the day, her reactions to what you’re doing will tell you exactly what you need to know.

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