5 Things She’s Thinking When She’s About to Have Sex with You for the First Time

by supplementrant
5 Things She’s Thinking When She’s About to Have Sex with You for the First Time

Ever wonder what’s going on in her mind when she’s about to have sex? While men tend to turn their brains off and let that thing between their legs lead, women can be thinking about things totally unrelated to what is happening in the moment. This is why it’s important to get her relaxed and focused on you, because her mind will be more than happy to distract her. Here are the things women tend to think about when they are having sex.

1. Am I clean down there?


She’s remembering the last time she showered and whether or not she has done any exercise between now and then. If sex is on the table, she will want to make sure she’s “fresh down there”. You may even like a little but of muskiness and that’s fine, but she may not be able to get truly comfortable until she checks herself. Make sure she gets a chance to go to the bathroom to do just that otherwise she will be thinking about it the whole time.

2. Do I look ok?

This is an obvious one. Even the most beautiful girl in the world has this thought. It’s sad but true. Not only do we get pressure from our peers to look good, we also get constant pressure from advertisements, TV shows, movies and social media. Thinking about how we look is a permanent part of our psyche. It’s almost entirely subconscious. We can’t help but think it, even if it’s obvious we are beautiful. Give her compliments to encourage her and ease her mind. Be in awe of her. It will make her feel amazing and will remove that block of insecurity.

3. I hope he goes down on me


This should be an obvious one. Women are obsessed with oral. It’s a sure fire way to make her orgasm every time. If you aren’t going down on her several times a week, you need to start. Women also love it because of the intimacy factor, it’s also a lot more gentle than using your fingers. It’s every woman’s favorite thing, and if she says otherwise…she’s lying.

4. I wonder how big he is

Although we say size doesn’t matter, it does. However, not in the way you think. We’re talking more circumference versus length. She will be wondering how big you are, not really in anticipation of anything but more out of curiosity. It’s never that big of a deal if you are lacking in size. As the old saying goes…it’s all about how you use it.

5. How many girls has he been with?

Much like men, women are curious about this as well. Not really because they want to judge you on it or are jealous. They’re figuring out why you are so confident or why you are lacking in confidence. You have nothing to be ashamed about either way.

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