5 Things you’re doing wrong in bed

by supplementrant
5 Things you’re doing wrong in bed

Sometimes you just can’t trust your instincts.

As men, we want to believe that we’re the best in the bedroom. There’s some distinct pleasure in knowing that you’re able to give your partner exactly what she wants from you in bed. That’s why it’s alarming to think that there are things that we think we’re doing right, but women secretly hate it.

Here are 5 things men are doing wrong in bed:

Testing a woman’s gag reflex

Sometimes you feel like you’re the complete boss especially if your partner is gagging all over your penis during oral sex. Some would even go to say that the gag reflex gives a really nice sensation during oral sex. The truth is most women hate their gag reflex, especially when they know that you’re testing it. It makes them feel sick – it’s a reflex, so you can expect that the sensation is something more like throwing up.

“Do you like that?”

Most of the time, men want to assure themselves that they are in complete control during sex. That’s why most of us are guilty in asking “Do you like that?” because we want to know if we’re doing it right. The thing is, women hate it. I call it being thoughtful. We just want them to enjoy it too – what’s wrong with that? For some reason, they expect us to know what’s going on based on their reactions. If you know for a fact that you’re a freak in bed, you wouldn’t need to reassure yourself and ask this question, but for the majority of men that are dying to know if their lady likes what they are doing, I think that this is just appropriate. But still – no points.

No foreplay

Some guys don’t really have the energy to endure both foreplay and sex, so they skip foreplay and stick it in right away, basically. Not only do women hate this, but it affects the relationship as well. Almost every woman would agree that foreplay shouldn’t be skipped, unless you’re going for a really fast quickie. Guys with sexual endurance problems, listen up. You better take sexual endurance supplements like Marathon Man Maca 1000 and let your ladies feel important for a change.

You don’t touch her after orgasm

This is something that your own anatomy can explain. After orgasm, men go through a refractory period, which basically makes you uninterested for any more sexual activity. That’s why men sometimes drift away to sleep or feel cold towards their partner after sex. It’s just the way your body is built. Your refractory period is your reload time in-between orgasms, and sometimes it takes 15 minutes, sometimes it takes an hour. You can take supplements rich in Maca Root to decrease your refractory period, but all it takes really is just to pay attention to your partner.

Stopping after climax

Let me put this on record – you can’t blame a man for climaxing, especially if the sex is really good. But let me say this for men as well – you can’t blame a woman for hating you for it. What you can do is to continue until she climaxes. This is not entirely impossible especially if you have an impeccable sexual appetite. If you find it hard to have an erection after climaxing, better look for supplements like Libido Booster Extreme to make sure you don’t simply run out of gas during sex.

The takeaway:

Most of the time, it’s just being thoughtful about what your partner wants. Instead of asking “does that feel good?” ask her what she wants. Do not base her pleasure on your performance. You might think it’s all good for you, but it could have been entirely different for her. Whatever the case is, an unbreakable libido is what you need to ensure that you’re at your best every time you engage in sex. If you find it hard to maintain a good sexual appetite, try taking supplements like Libido Booster Extreme.

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