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5 Ways Stress Can Get You Fired 

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5 Ways Stress Can Get You Fired
Written by supplementrant

Are you stressed at work?

In the modern era, stressed is believed to be equivalent to success. The more stressed you are at work, the more responsibilities you have, and therefore – you’re earning more money. Back in the day, people didn’t think of stress as a health risk. It wasn’t until the past couple of decades that people started to attribute everything to stress – from personal relationships to work; stress has become ingrained in our lives, and there’s no way to escape it.

While stress is unavoidable, it certainly is manageable. Managing stress is the key to success for many. However, for most of us, managing stress is easier said than done. Ironically, the stress caused by work can also get you the boot. Here are 5 ways Stress can get you fired:

Stress strains your intrapersonal relationships

Have you ever had a high-strung colleague that seems to be irritated in everything going in and out of the office? There’s a pretty good chance that your colleague is under a bit of stress. Stress causes you to act differently towards your colleagues, often affecting your temperament and makes you irritable and short-fused. Many businesses now give intrapersonal relationships as a basis of your ability to work with a team. If your stress has reached a point that it caused a rift between you and your colleagues, it won’t be too long before your ability to work with the team comes into question.

Stress reduces your productivity

If you’ve ever been truly stressed, you would have noticed that your productivity plummets. You get distracted easily, and you look for ways to alleviate your stress while you’re on the clock. While it’s ok to be stressed at work, it wouldn’t be beneficial for the company to pick up the tab whenever you feel like comforting yourself. Your productivity plummets, and you go way behind on your deadlines – causing you more stress. This stress cycle continues until you decide to leave the company, or the company decides to cut you off.

Stress makes you sick

Constant stress can greatly affect your immune system, which would expose you to sickness. Getting a sick day may seem to be normal. After all, who haven’t had sick days? Still, constant stress doesn’t go away when you get a day’s worth of rest. As long as you haven’t gotten to the cause of your stress, you can’t expect your sick days to be over. When you’re not at work, the whole team needs to pick up your slack. Nobody wants an unreliable employee.

Stress limits your career opportunities

How often have you heard managers ask “how do you handle stress?” in an interview? Managing stress is an important trait for employees who would be given additional responsibilities. If you can’t manage stress properly, then there’s no reason for the management to assign more tasks to you, which keeps you at the bottom pile. Companies hire people with the expectation that they would get better over time, and if you haven’t improved your skills because of stress, you can expect to get the ax soon. If you have stayed with one company for a long time and haven’t gotten a raise, have a professional evaluate your stress levels, or better yet, take stress busting supplements like Relax Holy Basil to help you manage your stress.

Stress makes you a liability to the company

Companies succeed by boosting assets and eliminating liabilities. Stress makes you a liability to the company that you work for because stress makes you unpredictable. Being unable to handle stress would reveal the weaknesses in your character that makes the management think twice about keeping you in the team. Stress is an infectious behavior, and keeping an obviously stressed individual in the team may influence the behavior of other employees.

Are you ready to take care of your work stress?

Stress management isn’t as complicated as it was before. Take a breather and relax – have a good night’s sleep. Stress is normal, but constant stress isn’t. Make it a point to take some time for yourself, and take Relax Holy Basil to calm your senses and get back into your winning attitude.

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