5 Ways Stress Can Reduce Your Quality of Life

by supplementrant
5 Ways Stress Can Reduce Your Quality of Life

Know the different ways Stress can affect your health

Nobody can escape stress. No matter how simple or low-key your life is, you’re bound to get stressed with work, family, friends, and of course – money. Many people are not aware that stress can have some serious effects on your body, and people only take notice of stress when it’s too late to do anything to stop it from causing problems in your body.

Get to know about the different ways stress can affect your health. Here are 5 ways stress can reduce your quality of life.

Cardiovascular problems

A constant state of stress can lead to various cardiovascular problems. Elevated heart rate, hypertension, angina, and palpitation are just a few of the conditions caused by stress. Your body is on a totally different mode when you are stressed, that’s why some of the problems in your cardiovascular system are amplified by stress. Cardiac arrest due to stress is a common thing. If you are at risk for a heart attack, better consult your physician about the different ways you can reduce stress.

Type 2 diabetes

Studies show that people who experience great stress at work are more at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Since stress triggers your body’s fight or flight mode, your body’s natural way of using sugars in your body is severely impaired. Without treatment, type 2 diabetes can severely impair different body functions such as eyesight, digestion, immune system, and nerve functions.

Diet disorders

Some diet disorders are brought about by stress. Surely you’ve heard about stress eating, and it’s a real problem that many stressed people take. When people are stressed, their body’s need for the feel-good hormone oxytocin can be released by your body by eating certain kinds of food. Those food items that we label as “comfort food” are typically food that can release oxytocin to make you feel better. Unfortunately, most comfort foods are not really healthy to eat, with many of them having high sugar and fat content.

Increased inflammation

A constant state of stress can increase the level of inflammatory markers in your body. If you’re in pain because of an injury or a recent surgery, you’re likely to experience a more intense level of pain compared to patients who are not stressed. The added level of pain doesn’t just cause more discomfort, it gets in the way of optimal recovery, and the pain itself makes you more stressed as a result.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a complex condition that involves many of the functions that are impaired due to stress. Your libido takes a hit when you’re stressed because of the distraction, your blood flow to your penis is impaired due to hypertension, and the diabetes you can get from added stress can impair the nerves in your groin area. All these effects on your body can severely affect your sexual health, and not even the best male enhancement supplements can systematically help you with that.

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