5 Ways to keep up with a woman with a big sexual appetite

by supplementrant
5 Ways to keep up with a woman with a big sexual appetite

Is she too much to handle for you?

Do you find your partner too much to handle in bed? It’s a common belief that men have an insatiable sexual appetite that women find it difficult just to keep up with men. However, because women today are more open to talk about sex, it’s becoming known that many relationships now have women who thirst for more sex than what their partners can provide.

It’s a completely emasculating experience for men to know that they cannot satisfy the sexual desires of their partners. If you have a partner with a big sexual appetite, don’t fret. There are ways for you to keep up with your partner. Here are 5 ways to keep up with a woman with a big sexual appetite.

Don’t fap.

Masturbation can drastically decrease your sexual appetite. It releases the hormones intended for sexual excitement, which makes you sexually incapacitated when it’s go-time. Some men find it difficult to avoid masturbation, and this leads to lackluster sex with your partner. Resist the urge whenever you feel like masturbating. Remember the song Saving All My Love For You? Take it literally and figuratively. If you put off masturbating, you’re basically building up all that sexual energy to be released in bed with your partner.

Build strength and stamina by exercising

Sex is a strenuous physical activity. You’re basically using your entire body during sex, and you just don’t know it. However, having a soft and weak body would make you less manly during sex. Strength is a dominant male attribute, and women respond positively to it especially during sex. If you get tired quickly, or if you cannot perform the sexual positions that your partner prefers, it would reduce your chances of getting her off. Build some muscle by hitting the weight room and taking the best supplements for muscle gain. Some of the best muscle building supplements also contain testosterone boosters like Xtreme Testosterone to help you build muscle while enhancing your sexual appetite.

Let her finish first

In some cases, men are just too excited during sex that they don’t give a hoot if their partner finishes or not. Unlike women, when men climax during sex, it would take a while before your body sets up again for another orgasm. Premature ejaculation is one of the most common reasons why women are unsatisfied with their sexual partners. If you get way too excited during sex and end up prematurely blowing your load, you might want to take the best male enhancement supplements that improve your sexual stamina like Marathon Man Maca 1000. The maca root content enables you to basically reload faster after climax so you can last longer in bed.

Find out what she wants

Sometimes, all you really need is clear communication. When you can’t get her off, you can start by asking her about her sexual fantasies and how you can make her get off. It may need some kind of technique when you go down on her, or some kinky sexual fetish that just makes her go wild. If you want to go the extra mile, find out what she reads in Cosmo, or just try to find out what kind of porn gets her off. You might be surprised.

Take the best male enhancement supplements

Many men experience erectile dysfunction due to a number of causes, and one of them is the lack of libido. The decline of sexual appetite in men is more evident in older men. If you find it more difficult to get sexually excited, you might want to take supplements that increase testosterone and libido like Libido Booster Xtreme. Taking supplements basically fix your nutrient and hormonal deficiencies that affect your sexual performance.

If you have a partner with an insatiable sexual appetite, as a man I would advise you to do what you can to keep up with her. Women who are hungry for sex are quite rare, and they always would like to return the favor. If you can satisfy a woman with an insatiable sexual appetite, you can guarantee that you’d at least be unforgettable.

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