5 ways to speed up Muscle Recovery

by supplementrant
5 ways to speed up Muscle Recovery

Building muscles is not just about lifting weights and spending more time at the gym.

You simply don’t build muscles while you hit the gym; it’s what comes after that really counts. Lifting weights and strength training builds up the tension in your muscles. While you lift weights, your muscles literally stretch, and the stretched area is where the protein muscle fibers or myofibril will develop to build muscle definition.

Increasing the number of visits at the gym does not automatically speed up your muscle mass development. More often than not, recovery plays a bigger role than workout frequency. Your muscles can only stretch for so much before reaching the maximum threshold for your body to recover.

Speeding up muscle mass development is all about speeding up your muscle recovery so you can get back to your bodybuilding and strength training exercises. Here are 5 ways to speed up muscle recovery

Get plenty of rest

Strength training and bodybuilding takes a huge toll on your body. That’s why plenty of rest is recommended after a workout. You might feel the lingering effects of your pre-workout supplements after completing your routine, and you might want to hit the weight rack again, but this would do very little benefit for bodybuilding. Let your body recover after completing your routine and get back on it after 24 hours.

Take plenty of protein-rich food

Your muscles need protein to recover. Make sure you have protein-rich foods in your diet, like lean red meat, eggs, and milk. Also, only consider taking protein supplements if you do not have

Train harder, train less.

The idea is to do more intense muscle workouts to take advantage of your downtime after you train. Training less frequently, but with more intense workouts makes your body’s recovery time much more efficient. More intense workouts give your muscles more tension, thus giving more work for your body to recover during your downtime. Just remember to keep your body nourished during rest to build more massive muscles.

Take supplements for blood flow

Blood flow is understated in several bodybuilding workouts. Improving your blood flow enables your muscles to receive more nutrients, enabling your muscles to recover faster, and also to give your muscles a little more pump during workouts. One product you need to check out is NitroGenix 365. It gives an awesome boost to pump and recovery while helping you get energized during workouts.

Deer Antler Velvet

Ever heard about Ray Lewis and his connection with deer antler velvet? Ray Lewis allegedly used deer antler velvet to recover quickly from his injuries. Whether it’s true or not, deer antler velvet can definitely help you with your muscle recovery. It contains high levels of IGF-1, or Insulin Growth Factor, which greatly assists your body in recovery and strength. However, not all deer antler velvet products on the market have the same effect. Make sure you check out Deer Antler Velvet Maximum Strength to get the best quality deer antler velvet.

Increasing the frequency of your workouts can only do so much. Do much more intense workouts so you can take advantage of your rest period. When resting, remember three things – nutrition, blood flow, and rest. Simply take the nutrients that you need, which are protein and vitamin C, mostly. Speed things up by taking supplements that increase blood flow like NitroGenix 365, and make sure that you’re on top of your recovery with Deer Antler Maximum Strength.

All the best muscle building nutrients on the market today can only help you so much. Aside from your workout, make sure you pay attention to your recovery, or else you wouldn’t get the body you want.

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