5 Ways to Survive Your First Week at the Gym 

by supplementrant
5 Ways to Survive Your First Week at the Gym

Survival tips for the Gym Novice

For most of the people in the fitness community, the gym is a place where people with the same interests meet; a place where you get to be comfortable with people as time goes on.  As a place of business, gyms try their best to be accommodating and approachable for beginners, but newbies rarely find the gym to be an accommodating establishment to help transform their bodies.

Your first week at the gym may be scary, but don’t let that hinder you from taking the first step. Here are 5 ways to survive your first week at the gym:

Bring a friend with you

Bringing a friend with you would certainly tone down your anxiety for your first week at the gym. Whether you’re going with a friend that frequents the gym, or you’re going with a complete newbie, it would make the experience a little jarring for you. If you’re going with a seasoned gym vet, you can learn the basics from your friend and start branching out from there. If you’re going with a newbie, you can learn from each other, since newbies know newbie problems.

Bring the right gear

Don’t come into the gym wearing flip flops. Wear gym-appropriate apparel and bring the right gear with you. The best footwear will always be trainer-type shoes, but you can use running and even basketball shoes if you want to, just don’t wear something that doesn’t belong in the gym. Wear absorbent or dri-fit clothing for your top and shorts/sweat pants. Also, bring an extra set of clothes.

Ask for advice

Gym people usually have that “do not disturb” sign on their heads when working out, and all you can do is respect that. The best people to ask are those who have just come in, not currently working out, or on their way out. Gym people know how hard it is to start working out, and most of them would give their advice for working out.

Do not compete with the other people in your gym

No, you don’t have to check out how much the other guy is lifting, or how fast they do on their treadmill. Work at your own pace. Never measure your success by what the others around you do – not ever. Work with what you’re comfortable with. No matter how light or how slow your pace is, the important thing is, you’re working out. You can start pumping light iron, and that shouldn’t bother you, because you can be sure that everyone who has lifted 305lbs know that they started with something even lower than 100.

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