5 Ways Your Work is Damaging Your Sex Life

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We live in a modern day society where our careers are fast-paced and our relationships are expected to keep up. Meeting deadlines and pushing boundaries has become a daily struggle in the workplace, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. The problem with giving your all to your career is that while it might fulfill your ambition, it could be harming your sex life. If you find that you are all work life and no sex life, they could be connected and seeing that connection will help you to get over it.

1. You’re too tired

'How can we repair our physical relationship?' (Photograph posed by models)Work can be mentally draining, which actually takes a toll on the body. Studies have shown that being mentally tired actually drains the body, having negative effects on your libido. This will probably show in your sex life by you being too tired to have sex, or even experiencing impotence as a result. Trying to get in some light exercise every day will help to reduce that tiredness. Equally, ensuring you get enough sleep and are eating a nutritious diet. Try to lay off the caffeine.

2. You become anxious

Work can cause you to become very stressed. The way the body handle stress is to produce a chemical called cortisol also referred to as the stress hormone. This can affect your sex life in two ways. Firstly, cortisol takes up the space of testosterone, and a drop in testosterone can lead to impotence and a loss of sex drive. Secondly, cortisol can cause anxiety, which can transfer to the bedroom, causing performance anxiety, making it harder for you to get an erection.

 3. Your body is stiff

Sitting at a desk all day can cause a myriad of issues for the body. Firstly, it stops the digestion system working effectively, which slows the brain, making your libido limp. Equally, your posture will suffer, which can cause neck and back problems, as well as stiffness in your arms and legs. This may make sex arduous and painful. Try to do some exercises at your desk, or go for a walk in your lunch break.

 4. You feel less sexy

When you are stressed, you find that you take less time on your physical appearance, which can lead to weight gain and poor self-image. This lack of self-confidence can cause a problem for you in the bedroom. Maybe you shy away from your partner, or you struggle to get in the mood. Despite your busy work day, make sure you take the time to pamper yourself and to dress to impress.

 5. You feel emasculated

preview-full-5-work-stressSometimes having a driving boss who is constantly ragging on you can do damage to your self-esteem. Firstly, when someone is putting pressure on you externally to your relationship, this can bring problems internally. You may find that you are having more fights with your partner or that you feel yourself nagging them in response. Moreover, when someone is constantly badgering you, you’ll find that it breaks your stride, making you feel less confident in your masculinity and sexual prowess. Try to keep your home an argument-free zone and recognize when you are transferring your emotions.

If you are having physical problems related to sex because you are stressed and tired, you will find that a supplement like ‘Sexual Overdrive’ can help to give your energy levels a boost, while also increasing your libido. It is important to keep your work out of the bedroom and to make time for intimacy to return to your life, after all, what is the point in working, if you don’t enjoy the finer things in life!

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