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7 Things You Can Buy That Will Boost Your Sex Life

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7 Things You Can Buy That Will Boost Your Sex Life
Written by supplementrant

Take sex to the next level with these things!

Is sex getting too boring for you and your partner? One problem that many couples face is the lack of excitement during sex that makes sex more of a routine and a chore rather than the passionate and adventurous sex that couples started out with. Over time, having a bland sex life will creep into your relationship and would eventually strain all your attempts in getting the passion burning again.

Thankfully, spicing up your sex life doesn’t need a drastic change in your lifestyle. With a few bucks you can get back the passion you’ve lost to your bland sex life. Here are 5 things that you can buy that will boost your sex life:


Tired of those granny panties? Buy your partner a sexy pair and notice how much that would get you interested. Unlike what you’ve heard, some lingerie brands are actually dirt cheap and it’s now easier than ever to get them. Surprise your partner – or even better, go shop with her. Sometimes the anticipation is more than enough to get your blood burning.

Role play costumes

Everyone has some little fantasy that’s waiting to be explored. Sometimes, all you need to live out your fantasies can be found in your local costume store. Ever fantasized your partner in a sultry nurse costume? Does your partner have a thing for men in uniform? It’s a nice and effective way to shake things up and introduce something new in your relationship.


No, we’re not pulling 50 shades on you – the blindfold acts to deprive you (or your partner) the sense of sight in order to heighten your response with your other senses, like touch. The blindfold is something for the adventurous and it would totally spice up your late night encounters with your partner.


If you haven’t used lube in the bedroom, then you should buy one ASAP! The lube is probably one of the most used sex product next to the condom, and for good measure. Using a small amount of lube may be all you need to make sex more pleasurable and rewarding for you and your partner.


I know – no glove, no love, right? Condoms make sex more pleasurable because it takes the worry about getting pregnant and STDs out of the way. As you know – worry-free sex is much more pleasurable because you and your partner are totally focused in the moment, making you feel every move each other makes.

Sex toys

Sex toys are made for one reason only – to make sex more pleasurable. It may seem weird at first, especially when it’s your first time to see one but sex toys are one of the easiest ways to turn the heat up during sex. Women generally like the idea of sex toys, but they aren’t as likely to buy them for themselves. You can try and introduce sex toys and figure out what your partner wants, and how she wants it to make sex more pleasurable for both of you.

Male enhancement supplements

The best male enhancement supplements can turn the heat up by boosting your libido and your sexual endurance. You can even use all-natural penis enlargement pills for an additional twist. Remember the Coolidge effect? You can make your partner feel like she’s getting it on with a different partner if you have a bigger, stiffer penis, thus making her feel more pleasurable during sex. At the receiving end, male enhancement supplements make you feel twice as much titillation and satisfaction from sex.

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