About Us

Welcome to SupplementRant.com, the most OBJECTIVE, ACCURATE, and HARD-HITTING supplement review site on the web.

The supplement industry is a tricky business. It’s always the same EXPLOSIVE effect, the same UNIQUE FORMULA, and the ever-cheesy HIGHLY-POTENT claim of every supplement on the market today. We do our reviews by actively looking for things that you need to know. We tear down advertising and just look at products the way it is – raw.

We measure the benefits, risks, and the practicality of using supplements. We apply appropriate testing schemes to the products that we review. We LISTEN to people who have shared their insights about the product. We believe that feedback from real people is important to get a deeper understanding of the product.

SupplementRant.com gives you the low down on the following:

  • Content quality
  • User Feedback
  • Side effects
  • Drug interactions
  • Safety warnings
  • Availability
  • Doping and drug screens
  • How the products stand versus their competition

SupplementRant.com only offers unbiased opinions based on what we know and what our tests conclude. Our objective is to say it as it is. No other supplement review website would give you the raw facts, user feedbacks, and overall critique to help you make a decision.

We do what we do because we believe that bogus supplements are dangerous. That’s why we strip supplements down to the core to make you aware about the dangers and side effects. We believe that you deserve to be informed about the stuff you put in your body, and that’s exactly what we are here for.

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