About Us

by supplementrant

SupplementRant.com is a health supplement review site dedicated to bringing you the latest, unbiased reviews of the most talked-about supplements. The site was established in 2014 by a team of health experts, bodybuilders, athletes, and nutritionists to provide readers with relatable and informative reviews and articles about health, fitness, sex, and nutrition. Over the years, SupplementRant.com has published over 500 articles and reviews, with some articles used as a reference by other health websites.

As a supplement review aggregate website, SupplementRant.com ranks among the most credible and reliable sites that focus on objective factors such as supplement ingredients and technology, as well as subjective factors such as the reviewer’s personal opinion and perceived effectiveness of a product. SupplementRant.com does not willingly engage in sponsored reviews to maintain the impartial and unbiased nature of its reviews.

As the site continues to grow, SupplementRant.com continues to take on current issues and hot-button topics related to health, fitness, and nutrition. With its growing team of experts, analysts, and contributors, SupplementRant.com will continue to provide you with reviews,  articles, and inside reports about the latest products in the health supplement industry.