Brain Vitality GPC: A Critical Review – Is it for you?

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Brain Vitality GPC: A Critical Review – Is it for you?

Brain Vitality GPC: A Critical Review

Supplement manufacturers found big business through off-label ADD/ADHD prescription medicine usage.

Once individuals learned that an effective method of enhancing their mental clarity, fine tuning focus, and improving memory, they had to have it. Companies felt obliged.


brain vitality-mental clarityPurity Products dove into the memory boosting supplement market with its Brain Vitality GPC.

The company claim is that it sustains signal receptor function in the cell membrane which promotes both mood and memory, sharpens mental clarity, and focuses concentration.

We are going to examine Brain Vitality GPC to determine whether trying it would be worth the effort or just worthless.

Brain Vitality GPC Critical Review: Ingredient Properties and Vital Functions

Data about active ingredients and their functions are available on the Purity Products website.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine provides signal receptor support within the membrane of brain cells maintaining deeper mental awareness through assistance in the production of energy throughout the brain and body. Phosphatidyl Serine allows your brain to age in a healthy manner and provides memory support. It also assists in the prevention of cognition declination associated with aging.

Alpha GPC enhances vital communication between cells through the increased production of choline which is a chief neurotransmitter in the process. The recommendation from Purity Products states that 2 to 4 capsules of Brain Vitality GPC every morning in conjunction with following a routine exercise and healthy meal plan to achieve the highest level of protection for the aging brain.

Brain Vitality GPC Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the best methods of determining if Brain Vitality is right for you is to weigh the good against the bad.

Pros of Brain Vitality GPC

The company is a well-known supplement manufacturer.

The ingredients in this formula are proven to be effective for brain support and memory.

Cons of Brain Vitality GPC

It is on the expensive end.

Customer feedback for Brain Vitality GPC was unavailable.

Clinical trials on Brain Vitality GPC are incomplete.

The offer lacks a money back guarantee.

Brain Vitality GPC has not undergone clinical testing.

Where to Purchase

Brain Vitality GPC is offered directly from the Purity Products website.

The cost greatly depends upon your dosage; however, it is about $80 for a 1 to 2-month supply and the company offers a 5 for the price of 4 deal.

Purity Products also provides an auto delivery option that saves you a bit more on each bottle.

Our Conclusion

brain vitality-focuses concentration

We believe that the ingredients in Brain Vitality formula has potential, but is not worth the current cost.

The ingredients that create this formula are alright; however, there are a number of properties that just were not included.

Due to the facts that there is no consumer feedback for review and no type of customer guarantee we would not recommend Brain Vitality GPC.

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