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Briefs or Boxers? Which should you choose?  

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Briefs or Boxers? Which should you choose?
Written by supplementrant

Do you wear briefs or boxers?

When it comes to your underwear, it usually just boils down to preference. You should wear whatever you feel comfortable with, right? However, choosing between briefs and boxers isn’t that always simple. Other than comfort, there are several things you should know about before choosing between briefs and boxers. Outlining the different pros and cons for each will surely make you look at briefs and boxers in a different light, and make you choose based on what your needs are.

Here are some differences about briefs and boxers:

Pros when using briefs:

Briefs offer more support than boxers

The main reason why many men choose briefs over boxers is that they support your testicles throughout the day. Many jobs require men to be active, and having an undergarment for support definitely helps in the long run. You may not clearly tell the difference between what boxers and briefs do for support, but you can clearly notice the difference between using briefs and boxers after years of use.

Briefs fit better when wearing slacks

If you wear business casual or business attire to work, it’s a lot better to use briefs than boxers. Boxers would create folds underneath your pants that would make a noticeable bulge due to the fabric in your boxers. Briefs, however, fit nicely. Just choose the right kind of briefs that wouldn’t create an impression when you wear slacks.

Cons when using briefs:

Briefs may lower sperm count

Wearing constricting underwear may make you drop your sperm count. Your testicles are positioned in your body in a way that it can adapt to the temperature. If it’s hot, then your testicles can be cooler with a loose scrotum. If it’s cold, your testicles will be pulled back to an area closer to your body, which maintains a temperature that is optimal to produce sperm cells.

Briefs can make it more difficult to get an erection

Wearing constricting underwear like briefs may make it even more difficult to get an erection. Your penis relies on blood vessels to supply blood to the corpus cavernosum, the chamber that holds blood for you to get an erection. However, it’s more difficult to get an erection if these blood vessels are constricted for longer periods of time. It’s much better to wear boxers, which would make it easier for blood to flow through the blood vessels. If you’ve worn briefs for years and are now having difficulties getting an erection, buy the best male enhancement supplement, Formula 41 Extreme to improve your blood flow and reverse the damage done by wearing briefs.

The bottom line

Every man should have briefs and boxers. It’s not just an issue of comfort, but an issue of function. You should use briefs on some days, and boxers on the other. At the end of the day, it’s not just about picking the underwear that you feel like wearing; you should pick the underwear that fulfills the function that you need for that day.

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