Can Anabolic Halo Really Replace All of Your Supplements?

by supplementrant
Can Anabolic Halo Really Replace All of Your Supplements?

Keeping your supplements and shakes straight and on schedule seems like a full time job sometimes, and then to pay for them you need another full time job. That is why Anabolic Halo appears to be a great solution to this problem, offering those on rigorous training schedules trying to pack on muscle a one stop shop for all their muscle building needs.  Formulated to not only help you gain strength and power, it also helps with your focus and recovery time.

This is a supplement, of a powerful formula which is new and improved formulated and designed to be used once daily to enhance muscle growth, promote strength and recovery while training hard. The new anabolic halo is designed to replace protein shakes, recovery shakes, creatine drinks, amino-acid drinks, glutamine shakes and carbohydrates drinks. This makes it an all-in-one muscle building shake.

What is in the shake….

  • Muscle building supplement

    40g of multi-phase protein that gives you your protein fast, medium, and slow

  • Phytonutrients that are derived from a tart cherry concentrate, they are proven to increase muscle recovery and help you work through the soreness and pain faster
  • 5g of Creatine that helps you grow muscle faster
  • Electrolytes in the form of calcium and magnesium, so you can put down your Gatorade and all the excess sugar that comes with it.
  • 6g of BCAAs to give your skeletal muscles support and the ability to resynthesize glycogen
  • Glutamine to replenish the amount lost in your plasma during an intense workout, this also helps to make your recovery time more pleasant
  • ModCarb™ helps your muscle glycogen replenishment process and volumizes your cells while providing you with slow and fast carbs, no more carboloading

Safety Warnings

Ingredients of Anabolic Halo This product should only be used by adults who are in good physical fitness. It should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women. Users should never exceed the dosing instructions, but over time they can double their dosing. There are some sites that claim the product contributes to heart disease, raising cholesterol, and blood pressure.

To take properly take one scoop with 5 oz of water once a day right after your workout. You can eventually take 2 scoops with 10 ozs. The water mixed with the shake is not enough to stay hydrated, you should be drinking 1 liter of water per day with the formula.

Proven by Clinical Research

While most protein shakes are just sold as this, this one was intensively tested and then published in the Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise journal, which is pretty impressive. There was a twelve week study conducted by a third party at a university. They took 22 different unique people and put them into 3 groups, a placebo, control, and one that took the Anabolic Halo. The results were surprisingly very dramatic those taking the Anabolic Halo Hardcore Pro Series put on a total of 7 pounds of muscle while those in the placebo group only gained 1 pound of muscle. Their leg presses were also significantly more weight 375 lbs while the placebo group was only able to press 193 on average.

Try Anabolic Halo and see what it can do for you today.

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