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Can you build muscle without supplements? 

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Can you build muscle without supplements?
Written by supplementrant

How badly do supplements affect your muscle gains?

In this generation of recreational athletes and bodybuilders, we’ve been influenced to think that you need supplements to influence your muscle gains. Some may think of this as just a pure marketing genius that compels us to use money for something that we may not even really need, but how much do supplements really affect our workout performance?

Supplement critics would always say that your body can live without supplements, and you can definitely build muscle without supplements. The only problem is that your progress can be completely stunted, and it may affect your willingness to pursue your bodybuilding goals. Here are 5 reasons why you should seriously consider building muscle with supplements:

Slower progress 

Going supplement-free in bodybuilding is just like going for a walk when you can run at full sprint. Supplements give you the advantage of speeding up your progress by giving your body exactly what it needs to develop muscles, and the importance of that cannot be overstated. For most individuals who rely on their progress to motivate themselves to continue, the time before it takes to see progress is a big deal.

Lower growth ceiling 

Supplements are in a way responsible for increasing the amount of muscle a man can gain. Pre-workout supplements are essential for any individual who wants to increase their workout performance to promote muscle growth. Without the added strength, focus, and stamina contributed by supplements, individuals have a lower growth ceiling.

Longer recovery periods 

The best supplements for muscle gain speed up the recovery process – a process that helps build myofibrils which make up most of the bulge in your muscles. Without supplements, users can still recover after working out, but not in the same pace as a person who regularly takes supplements for muscle recovery. You can also expect longer periods of muscle soreness and DOMS if you decide to go supplement-free.

Muscle catabolism 

Muscle catabolism is a major problem for any bodybuilder who wants to cut body fat and gain muscle. Cutting body fat to get ripped is a reverse process that requires individuals to be at a caloric deficit diet, while the caloric deficit diet virtually makes it impossible to gain muscle mass because of the lack of nutrients. As a result, muscle catabolism happens – a process that breaks down lean muscle mass to create a nutrient source for the body.

No muscle pump 

For many individuals, workout motivation is about visible results, and there’s nothing that gets you more motivated than seeing an immediate increase in the size of your muscles thanks to the pump. The ‘pump’ is the result of blood rushing to your muscles, which makes your muscles feel tight and full following an intense workout. Supplements help you get more pump by improving the blood flow to your muscles, which subsequently increases your strength and recovery rate as well. Without supplements that increase pump, like NitroGenix 365, muscle pump would be barely recognizable, and strength and recovery rates suffer.

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