How to Cleanse the Liver Naturally

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Your liver’s significance to your overall health and well-being can’t be emphasized enough. The fact that it does over 40 functions in the body is a solid reason to be taking care of it, not the other way around. It filters everything that comes into your body, utilizes what it can, and eliminates what it deems to be useless and detrimental.

Thus, it is vital that the things you put inside your body are ones that the liver can use rather than things it has to get rid of because it identifies them as dangerous substances. If you’re not careful of what you eat, drink, and take, your liver becomes strained with the burden to consistently eliminate rather than utilize.

Sadly, a lot of people like getting wasted and ingesting products that aren’t healthy. So, the liver becomes the primary casualty. Of course, this comes with a price in the form of negative manifestations in your body. This includes feeling exhausted and lethargic, as well as soreness in the right side, headaches, putting on weight, irregular digestion and even skin darkening.

These are just some of the minor side effects you’re bound to experience if you keep on overwhelming your liver. Ultimately, as unhealthy lifestyle options continue to be a part of your daily routine, serious medical conditions can arise.

These health issues can gravely compromise your quality of life and life itself. These can cause you severe inconvenience, physical pain, unhappiness – things you didn’t really think about while getting wild during happy hour.

So, here are 5 things you can do to detoxify your liver naturally and make your body healthy again:

1. Get rid of alcohol

There may be claims about the health benefits of red wine, but, basically, all kinds of alcoholic drinks cause problems in the liver. Your liver doesn’t recognize healthy and unhealthy kinds of alcohol, only that they’re all booze and for that, they’re all toxins.

Consuming liquor means your liver needs to work extra harder to get rid of it from your system, so your blood is purified. This process entails the utilization of your metabolic energy, which frequently results in weight gain, lethargy, exhaustion, and drowsiness.

2. Cleanse with water

Just like how you want to be clean, your liver appreciates it when it’s not spoiled with unhealthy and toxic stuff. One of the natural ways you can do that is to drink water since it has natural minerals as long as it originates from a safe source. To make sure you’re drinking clean and fresh water, use spring or well water if possible.

If not, check the water source in your city to make sure that it’s environmentally harmless. Another option is to use a filtration system that eliminates the carbon and chlorine particles when feasible. You can squeeze some lemon into it to further its purifying and alkalizing properties.

3. Choose healthily

High-quality, nutritious foods are the best bet when it comes to taking good care of your liver, so organic, fresh foods are some of the items you can add to your shopping list whenever you can. Dark, leafy greens are great for your body as they’re packed with magnesium, chlorophyll, and Vitamins A and C.

Fresh fruits and other veggies will improve your liver’s wellness, too. Buying organic may be more costly, but it’s particularly ideal for your liver since they’re free of any pesticides and other toxic materials found in other food products. Organic fruits and veggies also contain greater amounts of Vitamins A and C, as well as sulfur.

These nutrients increase the detoxification and cleansing of your liver. If it’s hard to keep up with an organic diet because of the high cost, purchase what’s on sale and just basically do whatever you can to provide the highest quality of foods for your body. When it comes to taking care of your liver and overall health, all your efforts are certainly worth it.

4. Consume the right kinds of fats

Essentially, it is the liver’s job to generate bile that disintegrates fats. Hence, it’s vital that you’re choosing the right kinds of fat you’re putting in your body. Some of the healthy choices when it comes to fats are almonds, walnuts, avocados, olives, and certain seeds like sunflower seeds. Fats from animal sources are usually the ones that cause health problems.

This is because they cause swelling of the artery, which results in clogging and blood circulation problems that ultimately result in life-threatening diseases such as heart attack. Unfortunately, these are also the kinds of fats many people are fond of having. Vegetable oils like corn and soy are to be avoided as well. These are the kinds of unhealthy fats that can screw your health.

5. Choose supplements wisely

It’s vital that you assess the kind of supplements you’re taking. You can’t just pop any nutritional pills that promise better health because all supplements swear to generate good results in the first place. B vitamins and selenium of premier quality are essential because they play important roles when metabolizing substances in the body.

This helps in sustaining the liver’s good condition. When it comes to choosing, plant-based options are healthier. There are also herbs that can help with the detoxification of the liver, including milk thistle. Even though these aren’t totally required, there are certain B vitamins and herbs like the ones stated earlier to have been demonstrated to support your liver’s wellness apart from following a clean and nutritious diet.

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