Common Causes and Treatment Plans for Drug Addiction

by Supplement Rant Staff
bound to drug addiction

Many people manage life challenges by socializing, relaxing, or even working out. These techniques allow people to calm down and seek refuge from the usual stressors of the average work week. Although, some people handle life problems differently especially those who are addicted to a substance or a drug. For example, when faced with money troubles some people might decide to save their money, but addicts are likely to spend what they have in order to experience a short-lived high. Crucial decisions that involve money, career choices and family debates often allow an addict’s true intentions to be displayed. But what causes drug addiction? Here are the top causes and treatment plans for drug addiction:

What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction is most commonly defined as a constant disease categorized by the impulse to take and use drugs in spite of the destructive consequences drug addiction has on the body and life of a person. While the original decision to use drugs is usually optional for a person it’s not always that way. In fact, recurrent drug use can over time alter a person’s self-control and obstruct their ability to withstand the urges to use drugs.

illicit drug addictionDrug addiction is often called a relapsing disease due to a person’s significant risk of returning to drug use because of factors like lack of self-control and difficulty resisting urges. Due to its relapsing effect, people who experience drug addiction are more likely to encounter problems with family members, friends, co-workers, and a spouse. Not only is drug addiction a problem causing disease but it’s a disease that can destroy a person’s life if support is not offered and given in the proper way.

How does drug addiction affect the brain?

Nearly all drugs affect the reward system of the brain. A correctly functioning reward system inspires a person to repeat actions that will help them succeed in life, for example, consuming healthy foods or finding healthy ways to reduce stress. However, by using drugs a person will increase the amount of dopamine in the body which will affect the way the reward system is perceived. In fact, the reward system changes to reinforce enjoyable but destructive activities like using drugs. If a person were to repeat drug use behaviors for an extended period of time, he or she would see a decrease in cognitive ability like learning problems, difficulty making decisions, and memory loss. A reduction in cognitive ability can hinder a person’s capability at performing a job at full potential, and therefore, drug addicts are likely to receive lower paying jobs because of their change in brain function.

What causes drug addiction?

People who suffer from addiction understand that the cause of their addiction is not from one factor or another but instead from a mixture of influences. Some influences may have a personal impact while others may not. Whether your cause for addiction spurs from years of family history or intense peer pressure, it doesn’t make your addiction anymore or less significant than another person’s addiction. It just makes you human. Three of the most common causes of drug addiction include genetics, the home, and the development of a child. Whether you become an addict because of those reasons is profoundly personal and will vary from person to person.


While some people believe addiction is passed through genes there is little evidence to support the theory. Therefore, it’s somewhat of a controversial thought that people carry “bad” genes while others cease to have these genes at all. However, it’s known that gender and ethnicity can increase the chance of becoming an addiction to drugs and substances. In fact, if you have a mental disorder, you’re more likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The home

A person’s home contains many factors that can influence drug use like a person’s economic status, the condition of life, and even peer pressure from family and friends. A person who is addicted to drugs may have been to exposed to drugs at a young age or had poor parental advice on the topic of drugs. Therefore, the home is one the most influential in determining if a person is likely to use drugs in the future. However, determining if a person will become an addict of those drugs can be tough to evaluate. Some drug addicts have family members or friends who have physically or sexually abused them. Such abuse can lead a person to seek out drugs to escape their problems, almost always leading them into addiction.

Development of a child  

Together genetics and the home, work together to help the development of a child. Such growth is essential to a person’s addiction chances. The development of a child is crucial in formulating a functioning member of society. A member of society needs to be able to make decisions, have problem-solving skills, and ready to dispute between right and wrong. However, if a person uses drugs at a young age, he or she is more likely to use again later life, and it might progress into drug addiction. Therefore, a drug addict is likely to under-preform his or her functions in society, and moreover, might not be able to be a fully functioning member of society.

Treatment for drug addiction

drugs way outWhile everyone’s treatment plan will likely vary due to their specific needs and addiction triggers, there are some common treatment plans. In fact, the most typical treatment plan is a mixture of behavior modification and medications. Most patients find success when this treatment plan is enacted, but some people don’t agree with it. Some people like to go to a rehab center to reduce their urges and help them manage their need for drugs. However, some people don’t like how controlling rehab centers can be. If you want to get help to control your drug addiction, it’s advised you consult with a doctor on what treatment plan works best for you and your specific needs.

Managing your drug addiction can be tough, but you don’t have to do it alone. Join a support group today!

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