Damiana Leaf Extract Review: Does it work?

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Damiana Leaf Extract Review: Does it work?

Damiana Leaf Extract Investigation

Damiana Leaf extract is a traditionalcomponent in supplements now. It is hyped as offering actions which support numerous areas of health. It is said to foster the health of the reproductive system; decrease erectile dysfunction; and improve testosterone production. Damiana is said to actto support the nervous system; enhance digestion; and improve mood. It can be purchased as a solitary supplement or in a wide range of products fora variety of health goals.This botanical is retailedacross the web and at physical retailers across the globe. This is an examination to review these assertions and decide, if they have any basis in fact. The scientific research listed below shed some light on this plant.

Damiana Leaf Extract Native Land and Nicknames

Sexual stimulant

Damiana leaves are obtained from a shrub which is native to the Caribbean; southwest regions of the United States; Mexico; Central and South America.Long ago, it was utilized by the Mayan civilization to remedy the loss of balance and as a sexual stimulant. Damiana was introduced into the United States market around the 1870s. It was then promoted to support the health of the urinary tract and foster the reproductive system.

Damiana was recorded in the pages of the National Formulary in 1888, but was never entered into the U.S. Pharmacopeia. A few of the names this plant has picked up along the way include Turnera microphyllia;Aphrodisiaca; Feuille de Damiana; Feuille de Damiane; Herba de la Pastora; Mizibcoc; Old Woman’s Broom; Oreganillo; Rosemary; Thé Bourrique; Turnera diffusa; Turnerae Diffusae Folium; and Turnerae diffusae herba.

Damiana Leaf Extract Actions

Damiana Leaf Extract Actions

Damiana leaf extract has been proven effective for treating sexual dysfunction. It was also discovered to enhance the ability to achieve an orgasm and decrease the time between intercourse sessions. This herb was revealed to have an ability to boost the female orgasm too.

Damiana is in the pages of The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia as treatment for anxieties and depression related to impotence. The same text also says that it can streamline digestion. This botanical was shown to be promisingfor relieving nausea and specific types of constipation.

This knowledge spurred a severalworld studies which showed Damiana leaf to be efficient in aiding most forms of anxiety and nausea. An interesting fact is that this plant is often blendedinto herbal smoking mixtures. It produces similar feelings to those of cannabinoids; however, it is lawful and the results are small in comparison. Ingesting any type of smoke is dangerous to health, butstudies comparing its consumption to cannabinol are ongoing.

Damiana Leaf Extract Assets and Deficits

Damiana Leaf Extract Assets

This herbalproperty is relatively simple to find.

There is scientific research available for this leaf and studies are ongoing.

This product can be purchased for an affordable price.

Damiana Leaf Extract Deficits

Further research is required for the effects of this leaf extract.

Those pregnant and nursing should seek medical advice before taking this herb.

Damiana Leaf Extract Buying Tips

The business’s reputation should be examined.

Make sure that it provides a return policy.

Damiana Leaf Extract Last Vote

Damiana is believed to be an effective remedy for many health issues.

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