by Glenn Larson

Nature has indeed provided humans with a variety of animals for food. All over the world, several kinds of animal meat can be found on highly placed restaurant’s menus. Even across cultures, eating some of these animals are seen as a norm. So people just go ahead to devour all kinds of meat ranging from the normal one such as beef from a cow, pork from pigs, lean meat from goats and poultry to some other bizarre forms, like lizard meat, cockroaches, dog meat and all sort of strange animals.

Consumption of dog meat dates back to the 14th century where a tribe known as the Aztec tribe bred small dogs to feed on them. Other primitive tribes such as the Tahiti and other tribes on the Polynesian Island feed on dog meat too. Also, despite being a religious taboo in some parts of Native North America, some tribes like the Cheyenne, Sioux, and the Kickapoo people had it as part of their daily cuisine. Eventually, the Federal Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018 finally criminalized its consumption, butchering, and trade in America. However, other parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe still eat it in modern times.

Now, this article is not intended to insult anyone’s taste but to specifically intimate you on the dangers inherent in the consumption of dog meat. Here’s why you should erase it from your daily cuisine.



Dogs are renowned vectors of rabies. It’s one reason why dog-haters never want to go near them. While these guys can be blamed for their display of intense hatred for cute creatures like dogs, the reality of rabies is enough to put one off too. A report showed that over ten thousand dogs (10,000) dogs and over three hundred persons die of rabies each year in the Philippines. Also in Asia and Africa over fifty-nine thousand (59,000) people are killed by the disease. It is estimated that someone dies of rabies somewhere in the world every 9 minutes and only ten (10) persons have survived from rabies worldwide. Despite efforts expended by the World Health Organization to curtail the spread of the infection through massive vaccination of persons and dogs and the instigation of anti-dog butchering policies, rabies is still on the high side.

Rabies is easily transmissible from dogs to man through several oblivious means which include; direct contact such as eye mucous membrane or broken skin wounds by petting, touching, or caressing of a rabid animal; bodily fluid contact such as saliva, urine, and feces of a rabid animal; and through a bite from an infected dog. Rabies can pose a serious problem to human health as it is usually fatal. It affects the central nervous system and the brain eventually resulting in death. This is one crucial reason why you should think twice about your consumption of dog meat. Everyone who has contact with dogs is vulnerable to rabies. Physical stroking and caressing are enough to infect one not to talk of gulping down the meat of an infected dog.

The spread of other diseases

Apart from the fact that consumption of dog meat makes one vulnerable to contracting rabies, other life-threatening diseases such as Trichinosis and Cholera. Trichinosis is caused by a roundworm parasite known as Trichinella. Usually, this parasite infects most carnivores, and dogs are not exempted from this too. If not quickly detected and treated can lead to several complications such as Myocarditis which is the inflammation of the heart wall; Pneumonia which attacks the respiratory organs; Meningitis which is the inflammation of the membranes surrounding the spinal cord and brain. Eating dog meats makes one prone to contracting these diseases.


Most times, dogs are baited with poison to kill them easily. The remaining of such poison can harm humans if such dog meat is consumed. It’s as simple as that. You never can tell what dog was baited and with what poison too. So, to be on the safe side, it’s just good to steer clear of feeding on dog meat.

Animal brutality


Maybe you don’t know, your demand for dog meat sustains the dog trafficking and butchering market and fuels the insatiable desire of dog catchers to deal aimlessly with these creatures. No wonder dog meat and other related products are deemed illegal in most countries. Despite this, people still go about the illegal business because of people like you who are bent on its consumption. Kindly, let this wonderful creature have a taste of life too!

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