Find Out Why Most Weight Loss Plans Fail!

by Supplement Rant Staff
unsuccessful weight loss of overweight man

Since the winter days are far behind us now, we are looking forward to planning this year’s vacations. And a plan of that sort usually includes the location of the vacation, transportation, packing and as always – a promising weight loss plan to help us get in shape after all those cold days that we have to spend in front of the TV, hiding out from the freezing temperatures. That usually results in a couple of layers of fat around our legs, abdomen, and butt.

Most of us are usually desperate to get rid of those layers as soon as possible, so we try and try different, promising weight loss plans with the hopes of achieving our dream to have a perfect body. And most of us are usually hurt whenever we discover that these weight loss plans are actually ineffective.

But why is that? Why is a thirty billion dollars industry has a 95% failure rate? And are these weight loss plans the right path towards the body of our dreams? Apparently not and let’s find out why!

Why do most weight loss plans fail to achieve their purpose?

broccoli for calorie restricted dietThere are many reasons to why most weight loss plans fail to achieve their purpose. For starters – so many of these famous weight loss plans are so strict that we simply cannot comply with the demands of the plan. Some weight loss plans limit the calorie intake to a ridiculous number that fails to get us through the day without feeling tired, even exhausted and dizzy. And trust us – no health issue is worth for a quick weight loss!

Then we have those of us that despite their wish to lose weight cannot say no to alcohol and sweets late in the night. Some weight loss plans propose lifestyle changes that we find hard to live by. After all, it is not easy to live the life of a couch potato one day and start following a weight loss plan that purposes the complete different the other day, so we fail under pressure. Changes are hard, and it is only human to have a hard time when facing significant changes, especially the ones that involve quitting our favorite guilty food choices, right?

And then there are the weight plans that promise unrealistic results such as losing 50 pounds in one week. As you can see for yourself, and perhaps even experience on your own, there are many reasons why most weight loss plans do not work. Most commonly, the weight loss plans leave us with unrealistic goals, unhealthy lifestyles, lack of exercise and simply put our health in great danger.

And is that even worth it? Is all the trouble worth having a great body? And the sad part is the fact that despite all the trouble these weight loss treatments leave us with nothing good and especially not a great body. So perhaps there is another path that you should explore with the hopes of losing a few pounds.

So what are we left to do?

exercise ball home workoutIf you are ready to make the step towards reducing your weight and getting in shape, you have to remember that no diet plan will help you if you are not patient, dedicated and ready for some hard work. Remember always to choose the right path which is a proper healthy diet with lots of exercising and only then will you be able to lose those unwanted body pounds. Remind yourself that you need to be patient and expect to notice the changes in a reasonable amount of time, not the next day or week that you start dieting and exercising.

Losing those unwanted pounds might prove to be a more laborious process than the process of introducing them in your life. But why waste a ton of money and time trying different diet plans and ending with no results whatsoever when you can act to not only lose weight but also improve your general health and lifestyle and actually achieve some noticeable results. So do not believe those diet plans that tell you that you should starve yourself to look prettier or that you can lose weight without any exercise because those are not simple lies – those are the lies that can actually harm your health, both physical and mental.


Losing weight can be an exciting experience if you choose to be a part of it, especially when you are trying to lose weight with the help of the all-time powerful combination of a healthy diet and exercise. However, most people tend to choose a shortcut and end up trying different, promising diets to lose those last few couples of pounds. And more common than you would think – these people end up with broken dreams and piles of receipts of money wasted trying different weight loss plans.

That is why in today’s article we have covered the basic reasons why most of these weight loss plans do not even work. Now it is up to you to decide whether or not you are ready to try a promising weight loss plan or go shopping for some fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to stack your fridge and join the local gym! Whatever you choose, we wish you good luck!

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