GNC Men’s Staminol Ultra Rapid Surge Review: Is it the real deal?

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GNC Men’s Staminol Ultra Rapid Surge Review: Is it the real deal?

GNC Men’s Staminol Ultra Rapid Surge Inquiry

GNC touts that Staminol Ultra is a physician approved formula that assists guys in dramatically enhancing performance. They claim that it contains a potent combination of ingredients which functions as a powerful vasodilator.

The company attests that this product promotes sexual health; supports blood vessels; and boosts testoid hormone levels. This is anassessment to review those claims andscientific trials to determine the facts.

GNC Men’s Staminol Ultra Rapid Surge Properties and Functions

153cTestofen is derived from Fenugreek and it has demonstrated the ability to enhance the libido; support healthy sexual desire; and increase the orgasmic response in clinical trials. It functions through intensifying testosterone levels which was also proven to heighten muscle strength and amplify endurance.

Grape seed is often seen as vitis vinifera on health supplement bottles. One of the most common reasons is for its powerful anti-oxidant properties. It has also been shown to enhance penile circulation through boosting nitric oxide levels. This can also improve the frequency and firmness of erections.

Asian Ginseng has been shown to increase nitric oxide levels which provides a wide selection of health benefits. This functions as a vasodilator to support circulation; promote arterial health; and boost nutrient delivery. This herb also amplifies testosterone; triggers its production; and manages levels.

DHEA is most commonly obtained from wild yams to incorporate into supplement formulas and called plant sterols. Clinical studies have found that its supplementation can be extremely valuable in correcting erectile dysfunction. This was shown to be especially true for individuals with hypertension.

Ginkgo biloba leaf provides a wide range of male health advantages. It acts as an effective vasodilator to promote circulation throughout the body and significantly decrease performance anxiety. It elevates mood reducing erectile dysfunction linked with depression and boosts blood flow directly to the penis.

The amino acid L-Arginine increases nitric oxide levels; elevates testosterone; and supports the health of the circulatory system. These elevations have been scientifically proven to improve the size and firmness of erections.

GNC Men’s Staminol Ultra Rapid Surge Usage

The package instructs users to consume two gel-caps each day.

GNC Men’s Staminol Ultra Rapid Surge Credits and Debits


GNC Men’s Staminol Ultra Rapid Surge Credits

This manufacturer provides a 30-day reimbursement policy.

They accept opened or unopened containers for returns.

The individual properties in this formula have been clinically tried.

Members receive an extra 10% off.

GNC Men’s Staminol Ultra Rapid Surge Debits

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

The post market formula has never been clinically examined.

This supplementhas very few user reviews.

The available consumer posts are not that great.

This product may cause interactions with prescription medicines.

GNC Men’s Staminol Ultra Rapid Surge Purchase Spot             

This formula can be ordered from Amazon or the company website. A 30-day supply runs $40 on the official page for non-members.

GNC Men’s Staminol Ultra Rapid Surge End Note

This is an unwise purchase decision. There are very few customer posts about this formula and those available are not very good. Many consumers complained of undesired side effects.

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