Gym Etiquette that you NEED to be aware about 

by supplementrant
Gym Etiquette that you NEED to be aware about

The gym is hardly a sacred place, but it’s a community on its own. There are mentors, neophytes, regulars, and occasional visitors that make the life and blood of the gym. Although it’s not entirely obvious, the gym is a place where respect is a must. Everyone who goes to the gym needs to be mindful about their actions in the gym to make it a light and productive environment for everyone.

Here are several unwritten gym rules that everyone should follow.

Cardio Area

The Cardio zone is one of the busiest areas of the gym. At any day, especially in heavy hours, you could expect the cardio zone to be full, and this is where you should exercise your pleasant people skills.

Mind your minutes Usually, treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes are the most used in the gym. You could expect that there are quite a few people waiting for their turn on these machines. Usually, these machines have time limits, but when there’s none, it’s good to limit your time on these machines so that others can use them too.

Don’t get too close for comfort The gym is hardly the place people, especially women, would like to socialize. Getting too close for comfort could ruin someone’s workout. When using machines that are placed next to each other, like treadmills and bikes, leave room for other people to use. Remember, the male urinal rule applies to these machines. Go as distant as possible from the person that came before you.

Don’t save spots for your buddy At the gym, the first come, first served rule applies always. No matter how close your machines are with your buddy, if someone came first, you’d just have to deal with that.

Be aware of ‘do not disturb’ signsIf you see a person trying to focus on their reps, do not casually jump in and try to strike a conversation. Also, be mindful of people wearing headphones. Those are literally DND signs that no one needs to spell out for you.

Weight Room

Put ‘em back imagine the weight room as a big toy house for grown men and women. Like how we’re taught as kids, it’s always good etiquette to put the weights back on the rack after using. Don’t leave them lying on the floor.

Bring your towel and sanitary spray Make sure to wipe the equipment down before using for your own hygiene, and wipe after using for the person who would use it after you. You could only count on good karma that everyone does it so you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning filthy sweat every time you lie on that bench.

Share your toys There are times when there’s not just enough equipment for everyone at the gym. Allow people to work in on the equipment that you’re using. Take turns, and do alternative workouts while you wait for your turn.

Mind your gruntsWe know, it feels good to grunt especially after lifting. However, no one wants to hear your ogre-giving-birth grunt every time you lift weights. You wouldn’t want to be that obnoxious grunting dude at the gym. It’s distracting and annoying at the same time.

Wear proper attireWear bike shorts underneath your basketball shorts. Nobody wants to take a peek at your junk when you lift.

Locker Room

Don’t go full commando – Nobody wants to see your package, no matter how good you think you look naked. Cover it up. You’re not making anybody feel comfortable.

Don’t hog the bench – Find a better place to put your gym bag and your clothes. If you happen to have it on the bench, clear it up as soon as you see someone who needs the space.

These might be a long list, but all of it is just about being mindful of the people around you. These people might be strangers to you, but since you’re sharing the same space and community, a little bit of respect goes a long way. Working out in a gym is a long-term commitment, and it would do you good if you would build a good relationship with the people you work out with.

Do you know other things that annoy people at the gym? Share it with us in the comments below!

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