Home Cardio Workouts you can do Anytime

by Glenn Larson

It is a well-known fact that your workout routine is not complete without cardio exercises. Cardio is essential for your overall well-being. Cardio workouts do not necessarily need to be performed in the gym to ensure it is done correctly. You can engage in various cardio workouts without going to the gym or making use of workout equipment. First and foremost, we have to understand the term cardio properly. Cardio is any workout routine or activity that aids in increasing your heart rate. The various types of cardio workouts which can be done at home anytime include:


This is a prevalent type of cardio workout. Burpee is a superb cardio workout that is high in intensity and can be done quickly. This exercise can be done effectively without the use of workout equipment and gym space. This is a tremendous workout routine that can be performed in your home with ease. To perform a burpee, switch between a plank form and moving forward while in the air. Ensure that your hands are placed flat on the floor while your backside is straightened correctly. This exercise aids in burning a minimum of hundred calories in ten minutes. It essential that as a beginner, you begin with performing burpees for a shorter period to avoid the sustenance of injuries.

Jump rope

Male Using Jumping Ropes

This is a well-known workout routine that is practical and easy to perform. This is known to be among the best exercises for weight loss. This workout routine can be performed anywhere and anytime using a jump rope, which can be purchased in numerous places. This makes jump rope one of the most efficient cardio workout routines, which can be done at home. A minimum of two hundred and twenty calories can be burned by performing jump rope for about twenty minutes. It would help if you worked your way up to the twenty minutes of jump rope to avoid the sustenance of injuries.

Jumping Jacks

This is also another well-known workout routine which aids in increasing your heart rate effectively. This exercise is too similar to burpees, and performing it for about ten minutes is sure to burn a minimum of hundred calories. To get superb results, you can form a workout routine that involves the addition of other workout routines like burpees, squat jumps, and even jump rope. Jumping jacks is a type of workout routine which does not entail the use of any workout equipment and can be done anywhere, anytime.

Squat jumps

Home Cardio Workouts you can do Anytime

Squat jump is a great cardio workout routine that elevates the heart rate immediately. This workout routine is the combination of both squats and regular jumping. This workout routine has a high effect on the knees, so it essential that you perform it with caution to avoid the sustenance of knee injury.


This is a great workout routine that helps in enhancing your cardiovascular health. This exercise has been used by numerous fitness personnel for weight loss and cardiovascular health. It combines both karate and boxing. This workout routine can be done using a punching bag and mentorship. Asides from enhancing your cardiovascular health, kickboxing aids in increasing your strength and endurance. This workout routine also helps to relieve you of stress while losing excess weight. By performing at least ten minutes of this workout routine, you are bound to burn about a hundred calories.


This is a fun cardio workout routine. Individuals of all ages and sex can do it. Some dace moves aids in increasing your heart rate, thereby enhancing your cardiovascular health. If you want to get the best out of dancing for your cardiovascular health, you must engage in moves that would lift you off the ground.

Running the stairs

This seems like a pretty easy workout routine to do in the comfort of your home; running the stairs aids in pumping your heart and, at the same time, getting rid of excess fat. This workout routine works especially on your legs and core. It builds the lower part of your body by strengthening and developing the muscles.

Jogging in a place

This is one of the fastest ways to speed up your heart rate. By jogging in a spot, your heartbeat is immediately fastened up, thereby enhancing your cardiovascular health. It might, however, be tedious to jog in a particular location which makes it a reason why individuals mix jogging in a place with other workout routines.


Numerous cardio workouts can be done to increase the pace of your heart rate for your cardiovascular health. These workouts include jogging, running the stairs, burpees, jump rope, and many more.

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