How much can supplements affect your fitness goals? 

by supplementrant
How much can supplements affect your fitness goals?

Do supplements make that much of an impact?

The supplement industry tells us that we need supplements as much as we can to make the most out of our workouts, but how much can they really impact our fitness goals? Are supplements just an intricately crafted money drain that lures us into spending our hard-earned money believing that it will somehow work out for the best?

Our experience with supplements tells us a different story. We know for a fact that not all supplements are the same, despite dozens of products trying to sell the same thing. We also know that the best muscle building supplements can help you increase your muscle gains, but really – how much can supplements affect your fitness goals?

We broke down the benefits of supplements based on three important phases of workout nutrition – pre-workout, recovery, and hormones (testosterone).

Pre-workout nutrition

Pre workout supplements are one of the fastest-selling supplements around. These products sell because users feel an actual “kick” after taking pre workout supplements. It’s no surprise since most pre-workout supplements contain two or three types of stimulants. Pre-workout supplements aren’t known for building muscles, but rather, helping bodybuilders enhance their workout performance so they can build bigger muscles. Pre-workout supplements work on the motivation and energy aspect of workouts to help users perform their workouts without a hitch. For some, having the proper discipline and control is enough to drive themselves into working out. Pre-workout supplements may give you the chemically-induced kick that drives you into working out, but it doesn’t have that much of an impact into the entire muscle building process.

Recovery (post workout) nutrition

Many who are new to bodybuilding think that muscles are developed during lifts. What really happens is, your muscles literally rip apart, creating a gap between them that needs to be bridged by protein muscle fibers, also known as myofibrils. Over time, these myofibrils build up and create the bulge in your muscles. Post workout recovery is an important part in the muscle development stage that you need all the help you could get from supplements. From protein powders to nitric oxide boosters, what you take determines how much your muscles develop – or if it would develop at all. Nitric oxide boosters like NitroGenix 365 make sure that your muscles get the nutrients that it needs to prevent muscle catabolism. You simply can’t afford to miss out on recovery supplements to help you reach your fitness goals faster.


Older men find it harder to gain muscle mass because of their lower testosterone levels. Testosterone supplements would work best regardless if it’s an older man, or a younger guy looking to gain as much muscle as possible. Testosterone is the hormone that controls the development of primary male characteristics, which include muscle development. Testosterone supplements aren’t a requirement to build big, bulky muscles, but it would certainly help you get there faster. Take one pill of Xtreme Testosterone a day to build muscles fast.

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