How to avoid gym injuries 

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How to avoid gym injuries

Prevent workout injury with these tips

From minor sprains to freak accidents, the risk for injuries at the gym run high. The reasons for gym injuries range from simple equipment misuse to total disregard for safety. Whatever the reason is, working out is never a good excuse for you to get injured. All you need is to equip yourself with a little bit more awareness and information to ensure that you don’t get injured at the gym.

Gym safety is everybody’s responsibility. A strong sense of awareness will effectively reduce the injuries reported at the gym. Here are some simple ways to avoid gym injuries:


Most people want to go dig in right away, but without proper stretching, you are increasing your risk for greater injury due to sprain, dislocation and even nasty bone fracture. Listen to your gym instructor when they tell you that stretching is a must before doing any gym exercises. Make it a point that you finish stretching before tackling more challenging reps at the gym.

Study the proper technique  

Lifting weights isn’t just lifting weights straight up. Lifting weights involve learning the proper form before you jump right in. The proper form lets you avoid injuries. People who use the incorrect form are at a greater risk for injury, especially those who pump iron which can result in an injured spine. Learn the proper technique with lighter weights before moving on to the heavy weights.

Use a good spotter 

When you lift heavy weights, it’s always a good practice to have a spotter with you to help you with your weights in case you can’t finish your reps. A good spotter is someone who can identify when you are near your limit, and when you are at the point of failure so they can respond by assisting you. Lifting heavy weights without a spotter or with a bad spotter can almost always result in injury.

Lift the weight you can carry 

Using too much weight in an exercise puts you in a high risk of injury regardless if you have a spotter or not. Whether it’s machismo or just your personal drive that made you lift weights that you cannot obviously carry, lifting weights that are too heavy can almost always result in injury in your arms, legs, or back.

Interval training 

Overtraining a certain group of muscles can lead to injuries eventually. Forget the fact that you are actually ripping your muscle fibers apart when you work out; continuously overworking a certain muscle group can lead to muscle weakness and eventually injury. Make sure that you allow ample time for your muscles to rest before training your muscle groups again. Start by working other muscle groups to create a balanced muscle development for your muscles

Ample nutrition 

Your muscles need the right amount of nutrients to maintain strength. Without the right nutrients, you are putting your muscles at-risk for catabolism or injury resulting from muscle fatigue. Ensure that you are properly nourished by taking the best supplements for muscle gain. Take one pill of NitroGenix 365 to enhance the delivery of nutrients to your muscles.

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